Facebook Live!

((Facebook)) comes out with their own live streaming service, “Facebook Live” and it’s almost immediately taken over by blacks streaming themselves committing various crimes. Plot or natural occurrence? You decide.

A 15-year-old girl who was gang-raped during a Facebook Live video after she went missing from her home has been reunited with her mother.


Chicago Police said the teenager was found on Tuesday and they are now searching for the five or six men or boys suspected of sexually assaulting her.

Before you get too upset, no white people were involved in this incident. Proof once again that isolating blacks from the native population is always a good idea.

111No actual humans were harmed in the filming of this incident. 

About 40 people viewed the attack on Facebook while it was happening on Sunday but none of them reported it to police, according to department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

This may sound shocking to the uninitiated. However, when you consider that the target audience was no doubt other blacks, it’s not really surprising at all.

The girl’s mother, Stacey Elkins, alerted police to the incident on Monday after showing them screen grabs taken from the video.

She said her daughter went out to a store in Chicago’s Lawndale neighborhood on Sunday afternoon but failed to return home.
She later learned her daughter was the subject of the ‘disgusting’ Facebook Live video after family members and friends contacted the mother.

So I guess her family members were “friends” on Facebook with the attackers? I mean, how else would they have found the video? Oh I know, maybe they were doing their own independent investigation.

222                                                                                                                    Blacks and technology: they just don’t mix. For bonus keks: notice what is on his “screen” LOL

The distraught mother alerted police and launched an appeal to find her daughter, telling reporters she didn’t know if the men had taken her hostage or if she was scared and hiding.

Yeah, hostage I’m sure that was the plan. TBH I’m a little skeptical about the whole “rape” thing anyway. It could have quite possibly been just another future contestant for the Maury show queuing up her selection of baby daddy candidates.

The footage was removed from Facebook after police contacted the social media website.


Just imagine for a moment that I decided to start live streaming Thoughts of the Day on Facebook. How long do you think that would last before I was perma banned and the video removed? Yet blacks are doing crimes non stop on this service and it stays up until the police find out about it and ask that it be taken down.

Detectives are now trying to track down the owner of the Facebook page and the others in the video.

If he had sent a gif to a Jew who then claimed to have had a seizure over it, the FBI would be involved stat.

The girl is being interviewed by detectives who are treating the case as a sexual assault.
Her mother said she had gone missing once before but she was found later that day in a nearby park.

They should check Facebook Live for that day as well, they may find out that this isn’t so much rape as it is an African mating ritual.

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