Residents of Chicago Flee Black Violence, Study Blames Not Enough Immigrants

It’s amazing how hard the media will twist itself in knots to avoid the obvious truth. Anyone with half a brain can read this story and spot right off the bat that people are trying to get away from blacks and the violence that always accompanies their presence. Yet, the story is full of jewspeak experts telling us all sorts of reasons why people are fleeing the black plague. Once again, a classic example of them telling us to ignore what our eyes and our instincts tell us to be true and instead trust their so called experts.

More people are leaving Chicago than any other major US city, new census data released Thursday shows

The reason why is a complete mystery.

The new coincides with a frightening rise in murders in the Windy City. Last year, Chicago’s murder rate surpassed 750 homicides for the first time since the 1990s, and it’s on track to have a similarly deadly year in 2017, with 127 deaths already.

Wow, that’s a lot of murders. Who is doing all of this murdering? Surely since this story brings up demographics they will tell us what segment of the population is the driving force behind all of this violence, right? …………….Right?

111I mean sure, these guys were technically criminals but they weren’t going around murdering anyone. 

In January, President Trump threatened to send in the National Guard if Chicago didn’t ‘fix the horrible “carnage”‘.

I’m sorry but I call ’em like I see ’em. President Trump, the only way this would be effective would be if you have the Guard round up all of these blacks and send them to Africa.

However, the exodus appeared to be a trend for the Midwest in general, with many leaving other area cities including St. Louis and Cleveland.

Mmmmm the Midwest in general? Both of those cities you mentioned are cities with a high black population. I think a more accurate statement would be “…with many leaving other areas that have lots of niggers.”

around-blacks-never-relax                                                                  And don’t buy a house either. 

Meanwhile, the South and Southwest regions saw the most gains. Two Texas metropolitan areas – Dallas and Houston – reported the biggest numeric increases between July 2015 and July 2016, adding more than 100,000 residents each.

This is actually much more telling than it may initially appear and BTW doesn’t bode well for Texas. Dallas and Houston (talking the cities themselves, not the suburbs) are high density nigger areas. Since nobody in their right mind would flee one crime ridden nigger area for another nigger area that means that it’s not necessarily just white people fleeing the black plague. It would appear that even blacks don’t appreciate the fact that they can’t relax around other blacks. This also means that if this is the case, Houston and Dallas will see huge upticks in their crime rates now that they are seeing this influx of more niggers. Of course, all of those who track these crime statistics will claim to be completely baffled by the cause. We saw the same thing back when Hurricane Katrina happened, all of these New Orleans niggers came to Houston and Dallas and there was a huge increase in crime.

There are wide-ranging reasons for the shifts….

Not really.

….from families’ concerns about violence and schools…..

But what is the reason the violence has gone up and the schools have gotten shittier? The answer is staring you right in the face: the white people left and there are nothing but blacks left.

…….to dwindling immigration and fertility rates.


LOL So everyone is fleeing Chicago because there aren’t enough Meskins there! Let me let all of ya’ll in on a little secret that these great proponents of diversity don’t want you to know. You see Grandpa Lampshade has spent time among the diversity. Contrary to what the average leftist would have you believe, I do not live in a secluded compound mumbling to myself about the world outside. I deal with different races of people on a daily basis and I can tell you this with 100% certainty: Meskins hate blacks worse than the most racist of racist white people ever could. Did you know that the notorious black South Central LA area is now run by Meskins? As to the reference to fertility rates, this only applies to the white population. There isn’t anyone out there who thinks that blacks just aren’t having enough babies. The problem is there aren’t enough white people to pay for dem programs.

Meanwhile, Arizona’s Maricopa County had the highest annual population increase, gaining over 81,000 residents, followed by Harris County in Texas and Nevada’s Clark County.

The Maricopa County increase is the white people, mostly older and fleeing to a warmer climate that they hope will be mostly black free. Harris County Texas is Houston, this is where the plague of black locusts are moving to.


Families leaving Chicago cite the nearly-broke city school system that’s closed over 50 schools since 2013 and a soaring violent crime rate with more than 760 homicides last year, the most in two decades.

The root cause! When do we get to hear about the root cause?! The schools didn’t just become violent non functioning shit holes over night for no apparent reason. What’s the reason? You know the reason. You knowit, I know it, everyone reading this article knows it: blacks.

City demographics experts add in longstanding economic trends like fewer entry level jobs and a sagging industrial core, along with the dismantling of dense neighborhood-based public housing.

Again, they give you bits and pieces but they do so in a manner where it is supposed to be as confusing as possible so that you don’t put the puzzle together. Dismantling public housing = schemes to move blacks into white neighborhoods. Well it turns out that when white people come home after a long day at work, they’d like to relax in relative safety instead of wading through packs of porch monkeys hanging out on the sidewalk blaring African beats and throwing their malt liquor bottles in his yard. In other words: they want to relax and there just ain’t no relaxing around blacks.

222Honey! Someone stole the kids’ bikes again! 

Lower immigration rates also have impacted the Chicago region’s dwindling population. Immigration, particularly from Mexico, was the key factor behind most of Chicago’s population growth in the 1990s.

Yeah well there’s even a saying they have in Spanish: “Nolo relaxo around de negros”.

The predominantly Democratic state’s first Republican governor in a decade, Bruce Rauner, has repeatedly blamed historic fiscal mismanagement and a lack of business-friendly laws for the decline, with companies choosing to set up shop in Texas and Florida over Illinois.

Tax cuts! That’s why businesses are leaving! It couldn’t perhaps be the fact that most businesses……..oh I dunno….maybe they think it’s bad for businesses if they’re getting robbed all of the time and their employees get shot walking out to their cars at night.

In return, Democrats in charge have pointed fingers at over two years of state budget gridlock during the Republicans tenure.

“State budget gridlock”, that’s an interesting term. Let’s consult the Grandpa Lampshade Dictionary of Political Speech to see what that means. Hmmmm ah here it is! “State budget gridlock: the condition or state of being caused when leftist politicians discover there are no  longer enough white people left to pay for welfare programs for the sub IQ African population.”

multi-smugYa’ll didn’t even know I have my own dictionary, did you? Grandpa Lampshade has all sorts of stuff. 

Demographics experts said one of the drivers behind the population change around the country could be more young people moving than before.

LOL Now it’s the young people. Anything but state the obvious.

Young people are historically more likely to move around, but the recession put the brakes on the migration.

But wait, I thought earlier you said the problem was not enough Meskins?

Rolf Pendall of the Urban Institute’s Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center called the trend ‘a pent-up demand to migrate’

No it’s a pent up demand to get the hell away from blacks.

But for Chicago native Marissa Marshall, the issue was squarely violence.
She told the AP that she decided to move when she heard dangerously close gunfire in the rough neighborhood where she found affordable housing.
The 29-year-old, who’s pregnant with her fifth child, relocated about three years ago to a St. Louis suburb where she more easily found jobs and a home where she felt it was safe to send the kids outside.
‘I have boys and I didn’t want to raise them in that environment,’ Marshall said. ‘It is easier to go outside of Chicago to get help than stay in Chicago.’



And here it all is in a nutshell. Marissa (notice how they didn’t pick someone with a name like Shanequa) is fleeing the all black neighborhood where if good boys aren’t being gunned down for the color of their skin, they’re busy killing each other. She’s taking her five future thugs with her to another area where there are still enough white people in the vicinity to collectively pay so she can “get help”. As more and more blacks congregate in this new area, more and more white people will flee the rising crime and constant hassle of being around blacks. The blacks will then dominate the area completely and will spend their spare time killing one another and complaining about failing schools and how there just isn’t enough money for dem programs. Wash, rinse and repeat. There can be no long term solution until we address the long term question: what the hell do we do about these blacks?

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  1. GPL,

    Love reading your site.

    It’s possible that aliens are kidnapping Chicongo’s best and brightest.

    I love the vague response “violence”. It’s impersonal like the weather or earthquakes. It just happens. It comes outa nowhere. Who could have predicted it?

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