The Fun Is Over

Antifa has had some fun in the past. Why, in the days when they outnumbered old people 20 to 1 it was all fun and games larping as communist agitators taking to the streets and stopping the supposedly fascist old people.


But alas, all fun things must eventually come to an end. As their numerical superiority begins to slip away and actual fascists are beginning to show up more and more they are starting to get a glimpse of things to come. 

A Make America Great Again rally that began with a dove release to symbolize peace turned violent when supporters were doused with pepper spray by anti-Trump protesters in Southern California.
The clashes, which led to three arrests after police clad in riot gear intervened, came before the president posted a tweet thanking those who marched. In Huntington Beach alone, almost 2,000 Trump supporters gathered for the pro-Trump rally.

Two thousand…….in California no less. Just let that sink in for a moment. Were all of these people Nazis? Of course not but I’ll guarantee you this: every one of them is a step closer to it after this.

111Want to know what your future looks like? Well here it is. 

The violence erupted when the march of about 2,000 people at Bolsa Chica State Beach reached a group of about 30 protesters, some of whom began spraying them, according to Capt. Kevin Pearsall of the California State Parks Police.

Only 30 antifas showed up? I guess Soros must have cheated some of them on their pay last time.

111LOL If you think this is scary just stick around! 

pepe nazis in the street

The Times reported that an anti-Trump protester who allegedly used the eye irritant was kicked and punched in the sand by a group of Trump supporters.

Awww but it was so much fun when they were sucker punching senior citizens in MAGA hats.

111These faggots LOL “We’re the workers bro” 

Protesters said before the march began that they planned to try to stop the march’s progress with a ‘human wall.’
Travis Guenther was pepper sprayed by the protester and said he hit him in the head five times with a Trump flag.

We have got to increase our presence at these marches. Too many of us are missing out on good times. I’m getting ready to burn some vacation days faggots.

111Shiet mane I thoughts all dez white people wuz scared of us. 

111LOL this dumb bitch is already wearing Moslem wear. 

This is only the beginning. Remember the left may appear to have some sort of broad support but it’s not an inch deep. These people are spoiled rich kids and Jew paid agitators. They aren’t actually fighting for something they believe in. As the people grow sick of these Marxists those on the front lines are going to find themselves bearing the brunt of that rage and the good times and keks will run out real quick when Trevor’s dad finds out what he’s actually been doing while daddy had to take out a second mortgage to pay his tuition. When Trump sent the message out during the inauguration by ordering the rioters prosecuted and sent to prison, that was their warning shot. The people are getting fed up and all of the Soros money in the world doesn’t mean squat if you’re sitting in a jail cell nursing dog bites on you ass. We are getting stronger……the lion is beginning to stir.

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6 thoughts on “The Fun Is Over”

  1. I love that Black police dog. There’s a photo of the lovely doggie biting the whining kike in the foot. The kike is the one running away, in the second pic on your blog. You can see the hebish features better in other pics.

    I’m so happy….. at the way things turned out on both sides of OUR country. And it IS OURS. The Orcs will GO. Make America WHITE Again!

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  2. The Facist Soros LEFT is plannig something apocalyctic anti Trump to make his presidency collapse. This coming May 1st. The left is calling for a National strike, to close airports, hospitals,,schools, bus terminals, jew dominated cities and UNIONS, will push for a teachers,students,universities , walk outs, but
    Ofcourse, they all want to get paid their salaries, LAW and order.


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