Aspiring Model Shot at Random

More random gun violence in America with no observable other factors SMDH Unfortunately this is life in modern America, where guns congregate in certain areas and then go off shooting aspiring rappers, NBA stars and now models. We need to do something about these guns!

A former competitor on America’s Next Top Model is among four people who were injured in a shooting at a Houston apartment complex Sunday night.

If you live in Texas, all you have to hear is “Houston apartment complex” and you already know where this is going.

TMZ reports that 32-year-old Brandy Rusher, a contestant from season four of the modeling reality show, is in critical condition after the shooting which also resulted in the deaths of two men.

So many people think Grandpa Lampshade is heartless but that’s simply not the case. In fact, when I read that she was a contestant on a modeling show I thought, “Hey if she made the cut to get on the show then she must have been pretty hot.”

111LOL Oh. 

WTF? She looks like she just stepped out of a 1970’s episode of Shaft.

111                                 Dayum dat momma foxy. 

Police continue to search for the suspects. They say the gunmen drove up to the apartment complex and then opened fire using a high-powered rifle.

111                                      Not an actual picture from the shooting but close enough. 

Law enforcement officials say the shooting happened after the victims got into an argument with a resident at the Haverstock Hill apartments around 6:30pm.
Three men arrived in a four-door white car and two of them got out and started arguing with the victims.
Then one of the men went and got a semi-automatic rifle from the trunk of the car and started firing 15 to 18 shots at the victims, before fleeing the scene.
One man was pronounced dead at the scene, while another died later at the hospital.

This is always how it is when you are dealing with blacks. They escalate and escalate and before you know it, someone done busted a cap on a nigga.

Community leaders and police say the apartment complex has been plagued by violence.

These stories would be much more truthful, not to mention entertaining if they substituted the word “violence” with “niggers”. Thus you would read, “The apartment complex has been plagued by niggers”. How would this not be truthful? Well at least the black community has leaders who no doubt have original ideas to help curb the rash of violence that is always present when you have blacks congregated anywhere.

‘I’m just frustrated at the fact that here it is again at Haverstock Apartments,’ Edward Buford, senior pastor at Sunrise Community Church, told KHOU. ‘There needs to be more focus on places like this. There needs to be more money for ministries that are willing to be here Monday through Saturday and not just on Sunday.’

Gee, not a little obvious there are you minister? Seriously, the pastor says the answer is, “We needs mo money for dem programs and pay me n sheeit because if I getz da money I be stoppin da violence in da name of Jesus”

‘Haverstock Hills has been a project the Sheriff’s office had for several years now,’ Harris County Deputy Thomas Gilliand told KTRK. ‘We do have an office here, we do have deputies that work here overtime.’


How much does that cost and what benefit do we get out of it? If we were to actually put together the numbers and present a figure on how much it costs us per year to keep niggers it would be absolutely astounding. Want a functioning health care system where it doesn’t bankrupt you to go to the doctor? How about an actual retirement system that isn’t broke? Roads and bridges that aren’t falling down or maybe a space program that actually you know, sends people  into space? We could have all  of these things but instead, we spend countless billions on a primitive population that does nothing but kill us and each other non stop. Where’s the benefit? What positive thing do we get out of it that we wouldn’t have without these people? I have yet to find anyone who can name a single one. It’s just pay pay pay and hope that you don’t run into a group of them and get killed.



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2 thoughts on “Aspiring Model Shot at Random”

  1. “If we were to actually put together the numbers and present a figure on how much it costs us per year to keep niggers it would be absolutely astounding.”

    Well, let’s see: “12 million”(LOLOL) illegal aliens will cost American Taxpayers a MINIMUM OF $1.5TRILLION this year.
    I’d say 13% of the population, NIGGERS, with all their EXTRA special programs will be a MINIMUM of $3TRILLION.
    And I know I’m being conservative with those figures.

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