Important Things I Learned By Watching 5 Minutes of ((News))

Yes, I continue to trudge through the day by starting off with 5 minutes of Jew Propaganda News as I call it in the  morning. Why do I do this? Because I learn all of the important things that according to them, are all I need to know. I like to start my day off by being very informed and what better way to do this than to have the chosen explain to me what it is that I need to know about. So, here is a quick run down of the important things that I needed to know this morning from shitlib news inc..

1. Trump’s health car law that wasn’t his health care law but Paul Ryan’s health care law went down in defeat even though it wasn’t actually voted on. This is a huge defeat for Trump and could possibly spell the end of his Presidency before it even really gets started. Trump has tried to avoid blame for the failure to get the votes for the bill that wasn’t his but Paul Ryan’s which just goes to show that Trump doesn’t know what he is doing. Now you may think that it should be Paul Ryan’s job as Speaker of the House to get the votes needed to pass the bill that he himself brought out to get passed but that just goes to show that you don’t understand how government really works.     111               It’s not my fault! 

2.Ted Koppel (yes he’s still alive) says that people who aren’t leftists such as Sean Hannity are a danger to America because they aren’t leftists and they work in the media. It seems that it would be confusing for the little people if they were to hear a opinion from someone not a leftist on TV or radio so it really would be the best thing as far as bringing the country together if only leftists were allowed any public platform to speak their views. He didn’t voice an opinion on the likes of Grandpa Lampshade but I’m going to guess he’s not a listener.

pepe frog news

3.There were big storms. This is actually about the only thing that was interesting. Luckily I missed the round last night but there is more on the way in the next couple of days.

4.Blacks chased an orange ball around a hardwood court and threw it into a basket shaped hoop. This was apparently very exciting as there were all of these people watching and they cheered in adulation. Of course if they had to, none of these blacks could actually build the hardwood court or even the rope net that causes the ball to make that “swoosh” sound when it so excitingly goes into the hoop thing but that doesn’t matter as what is important is that these blacks are really good at chasing the ball around, sweating and jumping up high.

5.Pro Trump rallies apparently do not exist. Even though I swore I read somewhere  that thousands rallied and fought off leftists in support of Trump that apparently was all my imagination because if they had happened surely the establishment media would have told us. After all, every time a dozen Marxist protesters show up these media people are always right there to tell us what a big deal it is.

6.Donald Trump is stupid. Do you know how I now know that Donald Trump is stupid? Because late night comedians say Donald Trump is stupid. Do you know who wasn’t stupid? Obama, because late night comedians never made jokes about Obama so that must mean that he was really really smart.

And there you have it. Within just a few minutes, the Jew Propaganda News gets me all up to speed on, as they call it “all you need to know”. It’s no wonder that these people long for the good old days before the internet when all the people knew was what they were fed by the media. All of this fake news is no more real than these so called “reality” shows. It’s all scripted and it’s all designed to feed you the narrative. And just like the reality shows, when I see just a few minutes of the leftist narrative news, I can’t believe anyone actually watches this crap.

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2 thoughts on “Important Things I Learned By Watching 5 Minutes of ((News))”

  1. (((paul ryan))) (((ted koppel)))
    BTW, about 2 weeks ago on 2 separate news segments on the Faux news channel, I heard 2 distinct, ever so brief truths. Each lasted a few seconds, and I’ve NEVER heard them uttered since. No doubt the joooz shut down these statements immediately that accidentally slipped out, never to be heard again. I’m sure that if I made contact about these, the (((all knowing))) would inform me that “You’re mistaken/hearing things goyim”. I know I heard them because my reaction was to drop my jaw on both occasions.

    Both are related to (((ryancare))):
    1) A bail-out of (((healthcare companies))) is written into the bill.
    2) (((ryancare))) specifies coverage for illegal aliens as well as TAX “INCENTIVES”(read: rebates/write-offs).

    How outrageous is that???

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