Schindler’s Tree Wins Award

Do you know what makes an ancient tree a special tree? Jews, that’s what.

A Polish tree that two Jewish brothers used as a shelter for hiding from the Nazis during World War Two has been voted European Tree of the Year 2017.

Yes, apparently European Tree of the Year is actually a thing. Of course, if you want your tree to win top place, you had better have a great story to go with it. Whether the story is true or not is irrelevant as long as it has something to do with the Holocaust.

The competition started in 2011 as a way to highlight the significance of ancient trees. This year featured candidates from 16 countries and the participation of hundreds of thousands of people.

Once word got out that the polish tree saved Jews from the evil Nazis who were literally shaking the bushes looking for them, it was a shoo in.

111This may look like a tree with a hole in it to you but if you were a Jew fleeing the lampshade assembly line, it’s a two story condo. 

According to historians, the tree acted as a refuge for two Jewish brothers, whose family name was Hymi, hiding from the Nazis. They had escaped from a forced labour camp or the Frysztak ghetto.

There name was Hymi LOL

‘The hollow in which they hid was huge. People say it had two levels, the lower was used as a hideout and the upper – as a lookout. Both brothers survived the occupation but their fate after the war is unknown.’

What? People say? Has nobody actually climbed up there to look or would that fall under Holocaust denial laws in Europe?

111Meh, your tree is ok but what has it ever done for the Jews?

So this tree won first place in a contest because it supposedly hid some Jews although nobody actually knows if that really happened or not but you knew it was at the front of the line when you could attach something to do with the Holocaust to it. Can you imagine if the tree could talk? It would have been interviewed for the story having been the recipient of such a prestigious award and all. I can hear it now: “Did I hide some Jews? Mmmm I dunno I do remember around that time having a bad case of parasites but I assumed it was termites. Honestly I thought at the time that I was a goner. Luckily these real nice guys in the cool looking black uniforms stopped by and gave me some fertilizer and a dousing of Zykon something or other. I was good to go after that!”


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One thought on “Schindler’s Tree Wins Award”

  1. “Both brothers survived the occupation but their fate after the war is unknown.”
    Of course it’s unknown, so nobody can investigate it. The latest kike game after so many proven hoaxes.
    Typical and pathetic!

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