How You Know They Want War

We focus quite a bit on the current push for WWIII with Russia but this isn’t the only area where war is being promoted. Isn’t it amazing:  while Europe and America are literally being invaded we are all told to look over on the other side of the world because there is a really really bad country over there who hates us for the freedumbs and democracy. If it weren’t serious business it would be funny. Now you may be thinking, ‘Come on Grandpa Lampshade, surely these people are way smarter than you are so they really know what’s going on.’ Well, here’s the thing about that, you can ignore what they say they want and just look at what they are doing. When they consistently take actions that promote war over peace it’s a pretty safe bet that they aren’t innocent doves trying to find common ground.

Japan has called for the right to carry out pre-emptive strikes for the first time since World War Two in the wake of North Korean aggression.

North Korea’s aggression so far has been very public displays of it’s ability to defend itself. They haven’t invaded anyone nor have they threatened to do so. Have they threatened to rain hell on earth if they are attacked? Yes, thus a logical person would conclude that it might be a good idea not to jack with them.

Politicians in Japan have argued for the technically pacifist country to have the ability to strike North Korea rather than relying on the US for its defense.

Don’t get me wrong: I think the U.S. needs to get the hell out of Okinawa and I think the Japanese should be left to defend themselves. However all of this war rhetoric against North Korea is counterproductive to say the least.

The reclusive state has conducted five nuclear tests and a series of missile launches in defiance of U.N. resolutions.

The U.S. pushes to isolate NK with every sort of sanction imaginable then the media turns around and refers to them as a reclusive state. You’re supposed to get the image in your mind of some sort of crazy hermit or something.


But any change could come about following discussions with the US and with the support of a currently reluctant public

Huh. Turns out the Japanese public isn’t really big on the idea of getting blown up. Imagine that.

Earlier this month, North Korea fired ballistic missiles that landed in the sea less than 200 miles off the northwestern coast of Japan.

I dunno if I were Japan I would be thinking that it might be a good idea to sit down with these guys and iron things out so that no misunderstanding happen. However Japan, just like Germany and pretty much all of Europe, are basically occupied by Washington so they pretty much just have to do what they’re told.

The incident was one of the numerous military tests conducted by the despotic state, which has expanded its ballistic and nuclear missile capability in the wake of what it views as US and South Korean aggression.

This is all so stupid and so unnecessary. How about instead of running around calling them names like despotic we sit down and negotiate a situation that is less likely to escalate into out and out conflict?

tanya-the-evil                                           Trust me, as a fan of both Korean dramas and anime, a war between Japan and Korea would be nothing short of devastating. 

Pyongyang insists that it needs nuclear weapons for self-defence against ‘hostile enemies’.

Obviously they are just crazy. Why would they think that the U.S. and it’s puppet states are hostile?

South Korean and U.S. troops began the large-scale joint drills on March 1 that the North calls an invasion rehearsal.

Oh. Well yeah there is that. Look, if you have any knowledge of Korea’s history (even if that is largely from watching historical dramas) you understand that the entire history of the peninsula is filled with either allying with or being subjugated by stronger nations. This pattern has never changed. Currently South Korea is allied with the U.S. while North Korea is allied with one of it’s traditional allies the Ming, um I mean China. Their entire history is this same thing over and over. Do you know who one of the main countries throughout their history has been that has invaded and subjugated them? Japan. Hell we’re not even talking about going back to the Joseon era here, don’t forget Japan invaded and subjugated Korea in WWII. How is it then that the Jews are justified in seeing a gas chamber around every corner but the Koreans are crazy and paranoid to be suspicious of Japan who has invaded and attacked them multiple times throughout their history even as recently as this past century? Everyone involved is aware of this and yet their actions are to continue to feed this suspicion on the part of the North Koreans instead of working to assure them that our intention isn’t to destroy them. Thus, the only logical conclusion you can come to is that we have these tensions with NK because those who rule over us want us to have tensions with NK. The why may be debatable but the fact that this is the observable reality is not.

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4 thoughts on “How You Know They Want War”

  1. From what I understand about North Korea is that it is packed with Rare Earth Minerals and does not have a Rothschild owned Central Bank. Look for the Noses from behind the curtain beating the War Drums.

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  2. “The reclusive state has conducted five nuclear tests and a series of missile launches in defiance of (((U.N.))) resolutions.”
    There’s only (((ONE ROGUE TERRORIST STATE))) in the World. Only (((ONE))) that “defies” (((UN resolutions))).

    Look at the 3 or 4 Countries in the World currently involved in conflict. Those are the ONLY Countries left WITHOUT a (((National Bank)))!!!
    (((We))) want YOU to die for (((israhell)))!

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  3. GPL: And the rogue bully state of Israel which created,finances and armes ISIS and,Alqueda in the Southern Syria to annex the,Golan, exploit the oil,gas and run these resources through Afghanistan, and,Irak to do that Israel must break up Syria, invade Iran and defeat Hezbollah. BUT Israel does not want to pay, or bleed,or die to profit exclusively from those resources.So Israel and the jews are pushing the fake neocon antiRussian conspiracy narrative in congress to push the USA to declare war on Russia,Iran, Syria..USA fought in Irak and american oil companies can not exploit Iraks oil, only Israeli companies!!!. WW III will obliterate America fiscally, the treasury,exploding debt,decaying economy…demiralize, overextended military.

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