Mate With a Stink Monkey and Then Buy Our Insurance Goyim

This stuff has become so run of the mill anymore that I sometimes question even bringing it up. I mean, the race mixing propaganda is now a non stop event. Still it is important to name these companies who have allied themselves with our enemies so that we can all be sure and try to avoid doing business with them. The latest is Gerber Life who not only want you to genocide your race out of existence, you should give them shekels for it as well.


Yes yes Goyim, that child looks just like you! This is what you should do. Marry a stink monkey with a man haircut and stop having children with your evil white genes. It’s so diverse and we might actually stop calling you a racist someday. (LOL no really Goy) Don’t worry, we will keep your white women occupied with messages about mating with blacks and telling them that being fat is a revolutionary act against the patriarchy so you need not concern yourself about those filthy shiksas. Now quit stalling Goy, you know you want to dive into the Ganges river and soak it all up. Why, I can just smell the aroma from here.

111Come on Goy, you know you wanna. 



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7 thoughts on “Mate With a Stink Monkey and Then Buy Our Insurance Goyim”

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  1. I saw a video online about a year ago where a polling crew interviewed random Japanese on the streets of Tokyo.
    They polled those that were familiar with American TV and asked one question:
    What did they think the percentage of the American population is black?
    Many answers were outrageously high. I remember a few responses were in excess of 75%!
    I remember the overall average percentage being at least 50%!!!

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