Shots Fired Near the Capital!

This is breaking news so details are still coming in. However you can always count on your source for breaking news right here at the Semitic Truth Center. The media was waiting with bated breath to see if it was a crazed white male who has finally snapped from the endless attacks against Donald Trump and from having to listen to the stupid Russians hacked the election hoax 24/7. There were also fears that it could be the Moslems again bringing their own unique brand of vibrancy to the nation’s capital.


Even though details are still somewhat sketchy, I used my significant powers of reasoning and deduction to form an educated hypothesis. Let’s see: the situation didn’t really seem to make any sense as far as someone sending a political message and the population of Washington DC is predominantly black. Thus, I threw my wager in on run of the mill groid activity. Let’s take a look.

Gunshots rang out near the US Capitol after a suspect crashed into a police cruiser and tried to run over several officers, police said.

Now this might have thrown the average person off as using vehicles as weapons is the latest fad among the jihad crowd. However Moslems usually run over white people who are walking down the sidewalk. Crashing into a police car sounds like the work of a victim of slavery.

Witnesses at the scene said they heard three gunshots before a woman was taken into custody at 3rd and Independence Avenues in Washington DC,ABC reported.

Unfortunately the police are only marginally better shots than the average gang banger.

Pedestrians were told to get off the streets while several buildings were placed on lock down.

Quick hide our politicians, they are so important to our nation!

111Cancel the alert. It was just a run of the mill black happening. 

Police noticed the woman driving erratically down Capitol Hill on Wednesday morning and ordered her to stop.

She be tryin to get to her momma’s house to see bout dem kidz n sheeiit.

But the suspect made a U-turn and struck a police cruiser before trying to run over several officers who were on foot, police said.

She done snapped from the police messin wit her all de time.

Photographs from the scene show a woman in handcuffs being taken into custody. She has not been identified.

Well Grandpa Lampshade has the scoop on the woman’s identity: typical nigger.

Dozens of police cars swarmed the area, and streets are still being blocked off to pedestrians around the Botanic Garden.
An alert was issued around 9:30am telling lawmakers to steer clear of the area and several building were placed on lock down, although they have since been lifted.

Don’t you love how regular people who deal with black violence as a daily threat are forced to just accept it as a way of life while anytime it comes within ear shot of the political class then hundreds of cops swarm in and everything is put on lock down?

Police called the incident ‘criminal in nature’ but said there was no apparent link to terrorism.

I call the incident black in nature. This is just a run of the mill chimp out gone wrong. The next time you see blacks acting violent and dangerous you will be lucky to get the police to show up in an hour and take a report that will be immediately ignored. Yet those who lecture us non stop about equality and the evils of racism have an army at their disposal to be sure that they don’t have to actually deal with this diversity. If diversity is our strength somehow, wouldn’t these people want to embrace it rather than hiding behind an army of security and fences?

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