As Record Number of Brown and Black People Flood Into the Country, Experts Have No Clue What Will Happen

One of the things about modern society that really gets to me, is the way in which we have defined terms down. I mean, stop to think for a moment what ((Facebook)) has done for the term “friend”. I always laugh when someone pops off about how they have over a hundred “friends” or when they are upset that after saying something that goes against approved group think they lost over 20 “friends”.


I don’t care how chummy or easy to get along with you may be, there is nobody in the world who has over 100 actual friends. Where once a friend was someone that you went though hardships with and grew together now all that is required is that you “like” a random cat pick and then *poof* we’re friends! There is another term that we can now file in that same category: “experts”. I see these so called experts being quoted all of the time and call me naive but I expect well, you know, a certain amount of expertise. Pretty much every time I finish the story with the expert I come away shaking my head wondering; how the hell do I get into this expert gig and start raking in the shekels? It seems that the more clueless you are the more of an expert you become. for some reason I keep getting a picture in my mind of the doctor in Idiocracy.


The legal and illegal population of foreign-born immigrants living in America will break a 100-year-old record in just six years — and will continue to smash records for the rest of the century, according to a new analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data.

Luckily we know that trends never ever are reversed and America as it exists today will be around for eternity. It’s called being exceptional.

Already 13.5 percent of the U.S. population, immigrants will surge to 15 percent in 2023, according to Steven Camarota, the director of research for the Center for Immigration Studies.

Remember, we’re not talking about bringing in white Europeans here, we’re talking about bringing in unlimited blacks and assorted brown people. It’s not really a mystery what the country will wind up looking like if we don’t stop this.

At a conference to discuss the impact of immigration on public schools, he said “the share will hit 15 percent in just six years and that will surpass the all time high in the United States reached in 1890.”

Yeah the difference is in 1890 immigrants were largely white people from Europe. Even that didn’t turn out especially well. More so when you factor in our ancestors not being wise to Jews.

And if unchecked, he added, “the share is projected to increase throughout much of this century.”

But what happens when you run out of white people to pay for everything?


The surge comes as President Trump is planning to cut the number of illegal immigrants in the country and crossing the border, but so far hasn’t indicated if he will brake the larger number of legal immigrants entering the U.S.

This is why we need to address this cucking by folks who always just want to talk about illegal immigration. The fact of the matter is we have too many blacks and browns in our country as it is and we damned sure don’t need more.

It also takes place with a nation divided over what it expects of immigrants, with liberals eager for them to embrace their own heritage and others hopeful for immigrants assimilate into America.


This whole thing about assimilation vs non assimilation is a red herring. There is no such thing as assimilation. What you actually have is domination. In the past when you had these people come to America, the white American Christian culture was dominant and thus, those people played along and mimicked the behavior of the dominant population so that they could stay around and reap the benefits from the society that the dominant culture created. However they never actually became the same as the dominant white population. For a classic example of this see Jews. Now as the numbers of these people are increasing exponentially they no longer feel the need to mimic the dominant culture. However it’s a rule of nature that one culture will dominate another so now these foreign cultures are beginning to seek to dominate the weakening native culture.

The CIS panel discussion focused on assimilation and a report from Camarota showing how huge concentrations of immigrant students have overtaken the population of native born American school children in many urban and suburban areas.

And all of those schools are now utter shit. For experts, this comes as a total surprise.

“In a very real sense, America is headed into unchartered territory on immigration, the share who are immigrants who are foreign born will be at a level we have never seen,” he said.

“Uncharted territory” (BTW it’s uncharted not unchartered SMH) indicates that what happens is a complete mystery because nobody has ever been here before. This is of course retarded. In areas where you have a large concentration of Somalis the area will turn into Somalia. Same with Meskins, Arabs or anyone else. How the hell does an expert act as though geography is magic and will change who people literally are?

111If we import a bunch of Somalis into formerly white areas I wonder what will happen? It’s a complete mystery that even experts can’t figure out. 

When it comes to what the nation expects of its immigrants, Camarota cited those who believe in multiculturalism.

Why not cite those who believe in the tooth fairy?

“The idea is that there is no American culture. Immigrants instead should retain their identity and America should accommodate the new arrivals rather than the new arrivals largely accommodating themselves to American culture,” he said.

Wow I’ve never really heard it spelled out like that. This whole multiculturalism thing sounds like something a Jew would come up with.




He noted that many Americans have a “robust idea of assimilation,” and even polls show that immigrants should adopt American culture.

And these Americans are just as deluded as the multiculturalists. American culture = WHITE American culture. This culture has been severely weakened over the years and now these aggressive foreign cultures are seeking to dominate. How did white culture get so weakened? How did these foreigners get here in the fist place? Here’s a hint: it’s the Jews.

But in that divide, overshadowed by political correctness, he concluded, “There no longer exists a clear understanding of what we want from immigrants.”

111                                         Who’s this “we” you’re talking about kemosabe?

No I’ll tell you exactly what we want from these people. We want them to GTFO of our country. Grandpa Lampshade may not be an expert only because I don’t get paid for being right but I’m right just the same. These so called experts who prattle on as though these things are this big complex equation that is really hard to understand are simply taking the shekels to further the Marxist agenda. I get it in the sense that if you figure it’s not reversible you might as well cash in anyway, right? However I also know that the fire still burns in a remnant of the white race that isn’t ready to lay down and die yet. Are we outnumbered? Certainly. Do we face huge obstacles? Yep but I’ll tell ya what: i’d pick 100 determined white men united in cause against a thousand of these other races any day. Thus, I believe the Jews’ hope of the demise of the white race is a bit premature but hey, I’m no expert.

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