White Male Student Reinstated

In an update to a previous story we covered here at the Semitic Truth Center, an actual American has been reinstated at his college after having clashed with a bullying dune coon professor.

A Florida college student who was suspended over his ideological clashes with a Muslim professor has been reinstated at the school.

Yeah sorry shitlibs, the old days of you being able to just do this and nobody noticing or speaking up are over.

pepe wojak gunpoint

Marshall Polston’s attorney told the Orlando Sentinel on Thursday that a disciplinary committee has decided to lift the 20-year-old’s suspension. He is expected to return to the Rollins College campus next week.

TBH, this guy ought to sue the college and go after this sand nigger’s job. Too harsh? Just remember how many of our people these leftists have gleefully gotten fired for their political views. Why the hell should this Hajiess keep a high paying made up Moslems studies job just so she can bully more white students in the future? In the original story, she even admits that this isn’t the first time she’s clashed with students who didn’t appreciate paying money for forced indoctrination.

111                                                                                 Bet she isn’t smiling now. 

‘A student’s freedom of speech and expression are the cornerstones of liberty in a free society,’ attorney Kenneth Lewis said in a statement, while also calling for a ‘full inquiry’ into the actions of Professor Areej Zufari.

Honestly, I think all of these colleges need to be completely purged and we need to start over from scratch. The Jews have managed to destroy the entire university system (see Frankfurt School) over decades and we are not going to fix this piece meal. That having been said, we will take our victories as they come.

College President Grant Cornwell refused to comment on specifics of the hearing, but said that he, the trustees and deans at the school had received some 10,000 emails about Poston’s suspension, which quickly gained traction on conservative media sites.

wojak woman cryingYou can’t imagine how many gallons of ice cream and sleepless nights this poor desert monkey went through. 

He said most of the emails were ‘filled with hatred and violent imagery,’ he said.


Ha! I hadn’t heard back from them. I’m glad to see they got the email.

Meanwhile, Professor Zufari’s sister has spoken out, saying she is anxious to get back to school.

So I guess in the wake of this, the Hajiess has been taking more paid time off. Must be nice.

‘With the rise of fake news, it’s an unfortunately sensationalized situation that spiraled out of control,’ Noor Zufari said.

You have to love this. So this sand nigger tries to brow beat a white real American and instead of getting her way, the story gets out and people hear about it. As a reaction, real Americans tell her to STFU and take the side of the white student over this desert invader who is trying to force him to submit to her primitive desert religion. However what comes as a surprise to absolutely nobody, it’s the Moslem who is the real victim here of………..fake news. Fake news you say? Ok, so exactly what was fake about the information that has been put forth? You and your desert kin are just ass hurt that you got caught and whitey didn’t lay down and beg for your forgiveness.

‘The silver lining is Areej can continue her passion of education … She is looking forward to getting back to her regular class schedule and being able to teach again.’


If she has a passion for education, I would suggest she get a passion for learning to use the English language. If you’re going to come into our country and demand a six figure job to teach a made up course on Moslem something or other, the least you could do would be to learn to write on a level above the sixth grade. Forget the whining about the hatred the college allegedly received. The fact is that what we are doing worked. Just like how this SJW sand nigger thinks that her actions being reported = fake news, these leftists believe that not silently submitting to them = hateful and violent imagery. Well guess what leftists: we don’t give a shit about your feels or how much you claim to be the victim. The people are waking up to your game and the more you cry “Nazi!” the more actual Nazis you will create. Do you know what I call that? Winning, that’s what.



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One thought on “White Male Student Reinstated”

  1. GLP: In some universities with multiple ethnically focus studies (afro, Asian, women,Chicano..) American Studies (US History,govt,economics..etc)is considered RACIST. In Berkeley there is a White Alt/Supremacist studies run by a jewish prof. I wonder if they would allow a Zionists Studies Dept.??its corrosive influence on American and world affairs. Once again I repeat myself these american(white) students are isolated,marginalized with no institutional support, the ALT right so far is not articulating a parallel alt matrix. Ironically even foreign studentd come to the USA to major in hard sciences to get away from MUSLIM studies by inposition in their own countries. No wonder these oil rich countries do not produce qualified prifessional for their technical,scientigic,govt sectors…in SArabia most Oil Engineers are from the West, their own population 60%major in Muslim Studies. Here in the US universities want to double muslim majors in less than a decade.

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