A Little Bit of Good News For Your Sunday Afternoon

I’ve been offline all day as is usually the case on the weekends as I have to get the globally listened to Thoughts of the Day program recorded and ready for Tuesday. Since I’m finished with that I was taking a quick skim through the day’s important headlines and came across a bit of good news: you may get subjected to less of the crappy programming on TV from ((Hollywood)).


The Writers Guild of America is edging towards a mass walk-out that would see movies dozens of major TV shows stopping production for months – or even being canceled.

I wonder how many people will catch on when all of these so called “reality shows” go on hiatus due to the writers going on strike? What’s that? Please tell me you didn’t think those shows were actually not scripted.

Shorter TV seasons, fewer reruns and smaller numbers of movies being commissioned are squeezing writers’ wallets – which is leading to unrest.

What should be squeezing these writers’ wallets is the fact that all of these shows are utter crap.

All of this means another strike, like the one that dragged TV and movies to a standstill in 2007, may occur.

Oh yes and we all remember how devastating that was right? LOL

111           Meet the creative talent behind today’s ground breaking TV shows. Yeah, I’m not shocked that it’s crap either. 

The problems writers are experiencing are an unfortunate offshoot of what some are calling ‘the Golden Age of Television,’ and the rise of streaming services.

LOL wut? This is the golden age of television?

111                               TV programming is the best it’s ever been Goyim! 

Many network shows, such as The Blacklist and The Big Bang Theory, continue to commission seasons of 20 or more episodes.

At some point though, aren’t they just telling the same jokes over and over again? Or in the case of dramas, catching the same evil white male terrorists over and over again?

But streaming networks like Netflix and Amazon tend to follow the HBO model of having 10-15 episode seasons, with shorter, less meandering seasons that are more likely to pull in accolades.

In case there is a strike and you miss your favorite shows, Grandpa Lampshade will go ahead and tell you what happens even though it doesn’t actually air. First on your favorite police drama: the strong empowered woman character after facing misogyny will finally track down the neo Nazi white male who has been targeting innocent Moslems for the hate. She will take him down even though he is twice her size and he will stare in amazement at how awesome she is. If spy/action dramas are your thing, here’s the wrap up: the highly courageous not to mention intelligent black character will finally manage to track down the white male terrorist who has been threatening to blow up New York City because he is so upset over the fact that Apartheid ended in South Africa and now the blacks and whites there live in peaceful harmony as an example of how hate never wins. What about comedy? Lots of jokes about how Donald Trump is stupid and orange.

111Seriously, I would rather be tied up in the Joseon era torture chair than to watch the crap that’s on American TV. 

Even some network shows have followed this model, such as Homeland, with its 12-episode years, and The Walking Dead, which has 16 episodes per season.

Ah, The Walking Dead. There’s a show that in it’s first season, I watched it and thought that it was actually pretty good. Season two, the new was worn off but I stuck with it. I made it about 1/3 of the way through season 3 before I quit.

There are also fewer reruns in an age of easily accessible streamed media, which is eating into the residual payments writers get when an episode they scripted is aired again.

One of the reasons there are fewer reruns is who the hell would volunteer to watch this shit twice?

And film studios, spooked by falling DVD and Blu-Ray sales, and seeing cable usage dropping in favor of streaming, are also commissioning fewer films.

Yeah I’m all over the streaming but it’s not any of the crap that Hollywood is putting out.

royal-gambler-kingIf it doesn’t involve Kings, sword fighting and cool hats, I’m not watching it. 

The strike would affect all live-action scripted shows – which includes not just dramas and comedies, but also late-night talk shows that rely on writers for the opening monologues and skits.

How hard can that job be? I don’t watch these stupid late night talk shows but in the morning when I torture myself with the 5 minute news blurb, they always play some clips from these shows. Why? I don’t know, I guess they want to show me what all I’ve been missing. The jokes are always about Donald Trump being stupid so if that’s your thing then yeah, you may want to catch them sometime.

It might also not affect some animated comedies – which don’t have to hire WGA members.

Yeah I wasn’t exactly sweating a Jew Hollywood writers’ strike effecting my animated comedies.

interviews with monster girls vampire loli

South Park aired an episode parodying the 2007-08 strike in the middle of the union action because the show’s creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, aren’t in the WGA.
However, The Simpsons and King of the Hill both stopped production for the strike

The Simpsons, that’s still on? Who says the Jews will milk a show until it’s dry for the shekels?


Look, I’m not some stodgy old guy who doesn’t enjoy entertainment. The thing is, I watch TV for entertainment, not political preaching that directly or indirectly is telling me that I’m stupid for not going along with the Marxist agenda. I’m kind of old school: I like my stories to be entertaining. I like for them to have a beginning where you are introduced to characters that you wind up actually caring about, a middle where the story and the intrigue and such builds and an end where everything is wrapped up and you feel satisfied. I have watched some American TV shows in the past that I liked but sadly what always happened was they kept running the show and milking it until by the final season, they were obviously just phoning it in, think Sons of Anarchy. Do you want to know one of the things I really like about historical Korean dramas? Well, besides the sword fights and the cool hats, since as a general rule they only run a single season you never know if a character is going to get killed off or not. I finished one awhile back and by the time the show was finished, the two main characters both died. It was awesome. Not that I hated the characters and wanted to see them die but the fact that the show is interesting because when one of the main characters is in a pinch, they really might die. No political messages, no preaching and no blacks. Just entertainment and isn’t that supposed to be the entire point of watching TV to begin with?

Seriously, why the hell would you watch this shit………


When you could be watching something like this………….


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