Get an African President, Get African Level Politics

In what comes as a shock to nobody, it turns out that Trump’s claims of Obama’s Administration spying on him were actually true. Now granted, they’re claiming that what was picked up was supposedly incidental from other monitoring but the claim stands non the less. Here’s the thing though, there are strict laws in place that if someone is picked up in a conversation that is being monitored that you don’t have listed in your warrant, then their identities have to be kept secret. This is supposed to protect the integrity of the warrant process. Otherwise, say if the government wanted to get a warrant on person “A” but they knew that no judge would issue that warrant but they know that person “B” has a background that would allow them to get a warrant and person “B” sometimes talks to person “A” then they could game the system by getting a warrant for person “B” so they could monitor person “A”. Of course, in places where blacks run things, these silly rules mean nothing so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone to find out that when blacks are running America, these systems are thrown out the window.

Former national security advisor Susan Rice asked dozens of times for the names of Donald Trump associates to be ‘unmasked’ in foreign surveillance reports.

She was also one of the big promoters of the wars for the Jews in the Obama Administration so I have no doubt she has kosher ties.

Rice is the Obama administration official whose name became a punchline after her repeated false claims that the 2012 Benghazi terror attacks were caused by a crude Internet video.

Actually, she was a joke among us. If you will recall, the media attempted to sell that narrative back then right along with Hillary and the rest of the crew.


From her position as chief of the National Security Council, according to a Bloomberg columnist, Rice asked government agencies to identify names that had been withheld from raw intelligence reports linked with Trump campaign and transition figures.
There is not necessarily anything illegal or unusual about a national security adviser seeking to unmask names in raw reports, in order to fully understand the meaning of intercepted conversations.

I doubt this dumb black bitch would have a better understanding of the reports just because names were unmasked.

But in this case those identities – including the name of then-National Security Advisor Mike Flynn – were subsequently leaked and made public.
That is a federal felony.

How quickly before this story is buried by the ((media))? After all, gotta make room for all of those Russians hacked the election hoax stories.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said last week that the Trump administration had uncovered unspecified material ‘in the normal course of business,’ which was then shared with the House Intelligence Committee’s Republican chairman Devin Nunes.

Hmmmm, maybe that might have something to do with the fact that the Democrats are demanding that Nunes be booted off the committee.

Bloomberg reports that the National Security Council was conducting a review of U.S. policy on how people’s identities can be unmasked after their communications are captured incidentally in the course of conducting foreign surveillance.
That routine inquiry apparently uncovered a pattern of Rice’s requests.

111Sheeit mane, I don’t know nuffin bout dat dems ain’t even my reports I just picked dem up somewhere. 

Ezra Cohen-Watnick, one of the Trump administration intelligence officials who showed Nunes the mysterious materials last week, was conducting the ‘unmasking’ review.
He brought his concerns about Rice’s behavior to the White House counsel’s office in February – before President Trump began tweeting claims on March 4 that the Obama administration ‘wiretapped’ him at his private New York city office.

I love how the media keeps trying to act as though “wire tapping” isn’t a generic term for spying and that Trump must have meant that someone literally snuck in and put a bug in an old rotary dial phone as though it’s 1963 or something.

Rice had access to intelligence reports that also contained ‘valuable political information on the Trump transition such as whom the Trump team was meeting, the views of Trump associates on foreign policy matters and plans for the incoming administration,’ according to Bloomberg.

And yet Congress is busy investigating this stupid Russians hacked the election hoax which so far, the only evidence they have of anything actually occurring is that Hillary lost.

Rice insisted last month that she was in the dark about any efforts to identify Trump-linked private individuals in intelligence reports, after Nunes publicly referred to ‘unmasking.’
‘I know nothing about this,’ she told PBS. ‘I was surprised to see reports from Chairman Nunes on that account today.’

“I don’t know nuffin bout dat and I dindu nuffin”, it’s always the same response whether they are in politics getting caught doing illegal stuff or on COPS with a crack rock in their pocket. This of course shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Just like whenever you move Africans into a neighborhood it will look like Africa overnight, when you have Africans running your country, the politics will look like Africa.


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5 thoughts on “Get an African President, Get African Level Politics”

  1. And this is just so the kikes could keep a watchful eye on Donald Trump(believe me, it’s been going on much longer than him). Or whoever they choose. Look at the things (((they))) slip right under our noses; EO 12333/NSA, the “Patriot Act”, etc.
    Here is yet another frightening example of how thoroughly the kikes control our Country. It’s not just Finance/Media/Politics. It’s the entirety of our Federal Agencies, especially all intelligence divisions AND the Pentagon- and that’s been happening for a VERY long time!

    If y’all don’t believe me, just investigate the removal of the Irgun terrorists from Interpol’s most wanted lists, the King David Hotel, the Lavon Affair, and especially the USS LIBERTY.

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