Moderates: Always Quick to Show How Moderate They Are by Attacking People Who Are Supposed to be on Their Side

Do you want to know what I actually hate worse than hard core Marxists? So called moderates who claim to be bi-partisan when in reality all they really ever do is stand on the sidelines while the left marches on and then turn around and attack the people whose side they are supposedly on to show how bi-partisan they are. Do you know who I hate because they fall into all of those categories? John McCain, that’s who.

After a gas attack reportedly killed dozens of civilians in Syria Tuesday, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., took on President Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, calling the United States’ failure to intervene a “disgraceful chapter in American history.”

Ah the barrel bomb hoax again. They can’t seem to come up with anything original, they just keep recycling the same shit over and over again. Just for review from the last time, since it’s been a couple of years: Awhile back barrel bombs supposedly full of gas were launched in Syria. The U.S. being the puppet state of Israel that it is, jumped up and claimed that Assad was gassing his own people just like Adolf Hitler gassed sixty quadrillion Jews in fake shower rooms in the 1940’s. Russia then offered to help the UN confiscate all of Assad’s chemical weapons. Later evidence emerged that it was the U.S. and Israel’s ISIS dudes who were doing the barrel gassing or whatever the hell it actually was. Now fast forward a few years and insane McCain is back recycling the barrel gas hoax. Here’s a question John: how could Assad gas his own people when he’s already handed all of his chemical weapons over?

111                                                             Do you want to know the one thing more embarrassing than the fact that the U.S. is a client state of Israel? The whole world knows the U.S. is a client state of Israel. 

“We’ve seen this movie before,” McCain said on CNN’s “New Day,” referring to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s numerous attacks on his own people with chemical weapons, including one after President Barack Obama declared such attacks a “red line” that would warrant U.S. military action.

The Jews are still demanding that their client state send men to die to topple Syria for them while they charge us interest on the money to pay for it and there’s nobody out there who shills for the Jews harder than John McCain.

McCain, a longtime advocate of arming Syrian rebels and removing Assad from power, also barbed Tillerson, who recently said whether Assad will stay in power “will be decided by the Syrian people.” McCain called that remark “one of the more incredible statements I’ve ever heard,” echoing a fiery statement he released previously.

Of course we’ve never seen any proof that Assad has been gassing his own people for the LULZ with gas that somehow magically appeared even though he handed all of his chemical weapons over to the U.N. Here’s a funny thing though: do you know what we do have proof of? John McCain hanging out with terrorists.


“Syrian people cannot decide the fate of Assad or the future of their country when they are being slaughtered by Assad’s barrel bombs, Putin’s aircraft and Iran’s terrorist proxies,” McCain said Thursday. “U.S. policy must reflect such basic facts.”

How about this John: we’ll let you arm up a group of men to go in there and fix the situation but the one condition is you will have to go in and fight on the front lines. Come on now, let’s see your loyalty when it comes to regime change that the Jews demand happen.

Calling Assad “one of the great brutal dictators in history,” McCain emphasized that leaving the Syrian president in power would contradict the United States’ duty to spread democracy throughout the world.

Ah yes, our Constitutional mandate to spread democracy through the world. Which amendment is that again? How come it is that if it is our duty to spread democracy around the world you were against it when Crimea voted to join Russia? Why did you support a Jew coup that overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine and instilled a new government that by pure coincidence consisted almost entirely of Jews? Why is it that when Donald Trump won the election, you people have gone on non stop about how he only won because of Russia or some other shit? Why is it that the only time I can recall you being critical of Obama was on the rare occasion that he didn’t immediately jump to do what the Jews wanted? Are we going to get through this story without a mention of Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust?

“These are war crimes on the scale … almost unmatched since Nazi Germany or Pol Pot.”

The answer to my final question was obviously “No.” Of course you will note that he says almost unmatched because nothing can compare to the sixty quadrillion Jews who were herded into fake showers and subsequently gassed with bus spray and turned into human lampshades and soap. The part about all of this that McCain seems to have forgotten is that the only reason Obama didn’t go ahead and start bombing Syria anyway was that the American people stood up with one voice and said, “No more mid east wars!” Of course most of the people didn’t realize that what they were actually saying was, “No more wars for the Jews!” More and more the Goyim know and more and more the Goyim are unhappy and we all know what happens when the Goyim become really really unhappy………



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2 thoughts on “Moderates: Always Quick to Show How Moderate They Are by Attacking People Who Are Supposed to be on Their Side”

  1. (((moderates))) are only there to deny congressional and senate votes on Prez Trump initiatives.
    Fuck that POS mccan’t. He must have a basement of body parts courtesy of his (((masters))). I keep waiting for that worthless c***sucker to clutch his chest during one of his pathetic rants…

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