Thai Traps Caught in Draft Trap


Contrary to popular belief, even though Grandpa Lampshade is considered a racist hater among racist haters, I find the other cultures of the world quite interesting. Let’s take Thailand, I can tell you they make great horror movies (if you ever get the chance, watch Shutter) but little did I know, they are apparently the world center for top shelf traps.

Transgender women across Thailand, who are often known in the country as ‘ladyboys’, are being forced to attend conscription events for the nation’s army despite not identifying as men.

Such an injustice! LOL I mean, it’s not as though if this weren’t a requirement then men who didn’t want to be drafted would claim to be trannys or anything.

222                              Let’s be honest here, Klinger wasn’t fooling anyone. 

Thailand requires every man over 21 years old attend a ‘lottery’ day where they must enlist in the military for two years.
Trans women can get exemption certificates, but must still attend the draft day with approximately 100,000 men because Thai law does not allow people to change their gender on their ID documents.

So let me get this straight: every man (and these are men) who gets their name drawn has to serve in the military for two years but if they’re trannys they get a pass? Sounds like a more than fair deal for the trannys so where’s the beef (pun intended)? We’re supposed to be outraged that they’re required to show up at all. Give me a break.


Forcing them to partake has caused embarrassment and stress for many Thai trans women and caused outcry from LGBT communities, reports.

Here I thought this was just supposed to be a funny story about how goofy the Thai are. Turns out it’s actually supposed to be a serious degeneracy promotion. TBH I don’t think it’s working.

After a years-long battle, the Administrative Court ordered that biological sex doesn’t have to match his or her gender so trans draftees could be exempt from conscription.
Still, trans women must present their exemption documents on the day of the draft to prove they are ineligible.

“To prove they are ineligible” so what does that mean? All it can mean is the draft personnel have to judge if they’re real trannys or just dudes trying to get out of the draft. So in other words, it’s like a government sponsored tranny contest and the losers have to join the army!

111Sorry, you on the left: off to dig latrines. You on the right……yeah I guess you get a pass. 

Among the recruits was Patra Wirunthanakij, better known as Nadia. She is the former Miss Mimosa Queen of Thailand, a contest only open to trans women.

But if trans women are really women how can they have a contest only for trans women and not all women? Isn’t this discrimination? How far down the rabbit hole does the degeneracy go? The answer is it’s bottomless.

In Thai culture, trans women are often known as ‘Katoeys’, controversially known in western culture as ‘ladyboys’.
Also among the recruits was Rusanan Reuanmoon, who told Thai Visa: ‘I don’t want to be a soldier. I want to be a woman. I’m not 100 per cent yet as I haven’t had my extra bits removed’.

For those of you slow on the uptake, “extra bits” means tallywacker.

111                                                                            Before the world became modern and enlightened, getting your extra bits removed was a lot more painful process than it is now. 

Wisanu Nuanjan, from the Wangthong sub-district of Phrae, added: ‘I work in Chiang Mai. I haven’t switched over entirely yet.

You may think that Grandpa Lampshade is just doing this story for the maximum LULZ involved (well ok that is mostly it) but I’m actually doing a public service for any of you who are tempted to give up on American women all together and instead take a Pacific vacation: the whole place is full of traps.

111                                                                                 Thai singles want to date you now! 

Thailand is often considered the trans capital of the world, with more gender reassignment surgeries than any other country.

Must be something in the water.

111                     Think you’re smart enough to not get fooled? Think again white man. It’s best to play it safe! 

Ahead of draft day this year, members of the government, media and LGBT community gathered to discuss guidelines for transgender recruits, saying the process is often ‘stressful’ as the media turns their attendance into a joke.
‘Many in the Thai media still portray such news in a humorous way,’ Ronnapoom Samakkeekarom of the Transgender Alliance for Human Rights said. ‘Some of them even cause more stress to transgender recruits.’


Ha! The Thai media must not be controlled by Jews, as they still make a joke out of this. You see, even as screwed up as Thailand is in being a-ok with these trannys, this story is still considered funny as hell and apparently over there, they don’t take these things nearly as seriously as the Jews demand we take them here in the west. Now some of you are no doubt triggered and are thinking that Grandpa Lampshade is somehow promoting degeneracy with this article (well, only those of you without a sense of humor) but the fact of the matter is I really don’t care what these people do in their countries, just so long as they stay there. The only serious lesson that I can pass on from this story is for American women: FFS lose some weight! It’s pretty bad when the Thai trannies are managing to have a better figure than you.

111Nice tits. Too bad about that whole dick thing. 

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