After Gassing His People For No Apparent Reason With Weapons He Handed Over to the International Community, Assad Remains Defiant

I’ve been saying for weeks that the Russians hacked the election hoax was the most transparent hoax I’ve seen in my lifetime. Well, scratch that as there is a new game in town: the gassed twins hoax. This latest transparent narrative which is designed to finally get the Goyim on board with attacking a country that Israel doesn’t like is an even more transparent hoax than the Russians hacked the election one. Let us review real quick: they tried this “Assad gassed his own citizens for the lulz” narrative several years ago when Obama was still in office. Whether it was that time or this time, I have yet to hear exactly what Assad’s motive would be in doing this. Seriously, why would he do this? What is the advantage? What would he gain that would offset the negative consequences of it? There is absolutely no positive reason for it. The ((media)) knows this as well so the only motive they are giving us is, “He’s evil.” I’m sorry but if you are willing to buy into that one then you are too stupid to breath. After the first attempt at pulling off this gassing hoax which BTW after it happened last time, video emerged showing it was the terrorist “rebels” who were doing the gassing, the Russians stepped up and had Assad hand over all of his chemical weapons to the international community. Problem solved, right? Wrong. Now they are just claiming he did it again even though he doesn’t even have any. That’s right, we aren’t supposed to even mention that he handed all of his chemical weapons over already. This is the narrative you are all supposed to buy into. Sadly, at this point it appears that Trump is buying into it as well.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said there is no ‘option except victory’ in the country’s civil war in an interview published on Thursday, saying the government could not reach ‘results’ with opposition groups that attended recent peace talks.

Isn’t it funny that our government always says they don’t negotiate with terrorists but demand that Assad negotiate with terrorists? I wonder why that is?


On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump accused Assad of crossing ‘many, many lines’ with the poison gas attack. The government has strongly denied any role.

You now  how we’re always being told that we need to sit down and have a serious conversation about race? Well, I think it’s time we have a serious conversation about how all of these troubles we keep having all over the world keep coming back to the Jews.


More than six years into the Syrian conflict, Assad appears militarily unassailable in the areas of western Syria where he has shored up his rule with decisive help from the Russian military and Iranian-backed militias from across the region.

Yeah in other words: he’s winning. Why would he gas his own people then? The last time they played this they claimed that he did it out of desperation because he was losing to the ISIS who is apparently only our enemy part time. Now that can’t even be given as an excuse because they admit here that he’s winning. Quick, let’s find out what the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says. You know, that all knowing outfit that knows the ins and outs of everything Syria.

The director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdulrahman, speaks on the phone in his home in CoventryLOL Yeah never mind. 

The interview published on Thursday underlined Assad’s confidence as he reiterated his goal of dealing a total defeat to the insurgency. He also reiterated his rejection of federalism sought by Kurdish groups in northern Syria.
‘As I said a while ago, we have a great hope which is becoming greater; and this hope is built on confidence, for without confidence there wouldn’t be any hope. In any case, we do not have any other option except victory,’ he said.

When you look at these things in a bigger context like I do, everything really makes so much more sense. Of course, ((they)) don’t want you to do that because they want you to buy into their retarded narratives. For instance, all of these other countries around the world watch as Israel’s client state America goes around attacking any country the Jews hate that is too weak to defend itself. Then when we’re told stories about North Korea developing nukes while the U.S. holds military exercises across their border we’re told the reason he is doing that is because “he’s crazy”.

‘If we do not win this war, it means that Syria will be deleted from the map. We have no choice in facing this war, and that’s why we are confident, we are persistent and we are determined,’ he said.

But why and who? Who exactly wants to see Syria deleted from the map?


At least 86 people were killed early on Tuesday in Khan Sheikhun and dozens more were being treated after they were found convulsing and foaming at the mouth.
President Bashar al-Assad’s army has categorically denied that it used chemical weapons on Khan Sheikhun.
The Russian allies say the deaths were caused by a leak from an arms depot where rebels were making chemical weapons, after it was hit in a Syrian air strike. Rebels deny this.

Granted, the idea that the ISIS had the weapons and when the bombs dropped, it accidentally set them off is more believable. However I don’t think that is what happened either. This area is supposedly controlled by ISIS playing the role of good rebels and yet, there is a ton of media present and taking pictures right in the middle of this. In fact, they were all poised and positioned to take these heart rending pictures.

111Muh gas twins. 

I think these people were gassed intentionally to rekindle the dream of destroying Syria so that the next target Iran can then be moved on to. “Who’s dream is it?” you ask?


Let me tell you something, this is all very real for each and every one of us not the least of which is me. I have a teen son who will be old enough to be drafted in a few more years. I will not allow him to have his life taken or destroyed in some damned war for these Jew rats. Not, “I will write lots of articles complaining about it” I mean I will not allow it to happen. If I have to take him to another country and spend every dime I have, if I have to fight tooth and nail until my last breath, I will not allow this to happen. You filthy rat kikes want a war? How about you go do it yourselves. The days of the Goyim borrowing money from you at interest so that they can finance wars to destroy your enemies for you while their kids get killed and dismembered while we stand by waving our flags and stupidly chanting “God Bless America” are over. You Jews want these countries destroyed? Then fight your own wars because long term you will be choosing: fight them or fight us. FYI we remember your “no mercy” rule from Nuremberg and we will plan accordingly.


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