Please Tell Me This is Some Sort of Master Bluff

I’m trying folks. I’m trying really really hard not to be totally black pilled on these latest happenings. Right now, President Trump is making all sorts of noises about giving the Jews the Syria war that they’ve been demanding. I’m still hoping this is some sort of bluff and at the last minute, perhaps he will pull a “LOL not really kikes” but I dunno.

President Trump is weighing the possibility of launching military strikes against Syria in the wake of this week’s horrific chemical weapons attack.

tanya the evil with pistolMore Jew wars is not what your supporters elected you for Mr. President. 

‘We are told that the president himself is making calls to senior members of Congress saying he is seriously considering something he said he would never do, not that long ago, which is military action in Syria,’ CNN reported shortly after noon on Thursday.

But why though? Are the American people up in arms over this and demanding action be taken? As far as I can see, the only ones demanding this are the Jews.

The discussions are said to be exploratory in nature, with no decisions made about a green-light, or about what kinds of military operations might be involved to target Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad.
But ‘this is now on the table,’ CNN said.

This needs to get off the table and it needs to get off now. Look Mr. President, we are your only support. The leftists will hate you no matter what so like it or not, the Nazis are your only real support. The thing about that is, our support doesn’t come unconditionally like the blacks support the Democrats. If you screw us on this we are done. You’ve seen how brutal our memes are, you don’t want to go there.


A Trump administration official who was granted anonymity in order to speak freely told on Thursday that part of the president’s strategy is to ‘telegraph to Assad – and to Russia – that he’s deadly serious.’

So we voted against Hillary and her WWIII with Russia to protect ISIS platform only to wind up with Trump and we’re going to get WWIII to protect ISIS anyway? Muh democracy in action. What’s that? You thought democracy was a system where the politicians are elected to carry out the will of the people? Ha! It’s actually a system where no matter who gets elected the Jews get what they want.

It also may be intended to rattle a saber in the direction of Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose army also operates out of Syria in defense of Assad’s regime.

Yeah, fighting a multi front war against Russia, the entire mid east and China all at the same time because the Jews, sounds like a great idea to me.

333Jeonha please reconsider! 

Trump said Wednesday during a Rose Garden press conference with Jordan’s King Abdullah that his view of how to handle the Syrian crisis changed when he saw the impact of the ‘heinous’ chemical attack on small children.
‘Yesterday’s chemical attack, a chemical attack that was so horrific in Syria against innocent people, including women, small children and even beautiful little babies – their deaths were an affront to humanity,’ Trump said.

Wouldn’t it make sense to find out what exactly happened first though? It’s always a dead give away that you are being royally jewed when they demand that you jump up and do something right now and dare not take a moment to look at the details to determine the truth. Seriously, they’ve been jewing us like this for so long and we’re supposed to just keep falling for it?

CNN could not confirm what kinds of targets the Pentagon might strike if Trump and Defense Secretary James Mattis decide to move forward.

But the network did report, based on a congressional source’s information, that Syria only has access to six airstrips for takeoffs and landings.
‘Airstrikes would not be that hard to successfully use to take out at least Syrian air capability,’ that would mean.

111Yeah about that…….

This isn’t Iraq with their primitive Scuds. Anything that flies within range of the Russian anti-air missile systems is toast. So what is the plan then? Attack the Russians preemptively? Is anyone paying attention? Has the world gone mad?

But John McCain and Lindsey Graham, two Republican senators, said in a statement that an international coalition should collaborate ‘to ground Assad’s air force.’

Ugh these fuckers again. Seriously, has there ever been a war that the kikes want that the old evil bastard and his faggot side kick haven’t been for? The answer is no.

7777This is one tough guy here let me tell ya. He’s ready to show that Putin that he’s not going to take any shit off of anyone unless it’s purely consensual and you’re into that.


‘We agree with the President that Assad has crossed a line with his latest use of chemical weapons. The message from the United States must be that this will not stand. We must show that no foreign power can or will protect Assad now. He must pay a punitive cost for this horrific attack,’ they declared.

When will you two faggots be suiting up then?

‘In addition to other measures, the United States should lead an international coalition to ground Assad’s air force. This capability provides Assad a strategic advantage in his brutal slaughter of innocent civilians, both through the use of chemical weapons as well as barrel bombs, which kill far more men, women and children on a daily basis.’

mccain-memeUlterior motives? Why would you think I have ulterior motives?

We are not going for this. I realize that the kikes have been leaning on Trump hard since he took office but he needs to realize that if he goes for this, if he makes this deal with these Jews then his support will vaporize overnight. It’s not as though we are being unreasonable here. We are actually looking out for the President’s best interest as much as anything. A real friend isn’t the guy who tells you that everything is great even while you’re snorting a line of coke off the ass of a dead hooker. A friend is the one who points out to you when you are screwing something up. Look Mr. President, quit listening to the media kikes and get your Jew son in law out of the White House. I know you pride yourself on being able to make deals with anybody but you need to study a little history. Anytime anyone makes a deal with Jews, it always turns out the same.


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5 thoughts on “Please Tell Me This is Some Sort of Master Bluff”

  1. Call President Jew Lackey between the hours of 9AM-4PM Eastern Time

    A live person answers (you may have to wait on hold) – and President Shabby Golem Jew’s Bitch gets briefed on the Comments EVERY single day

    Call the President

    Comments: 202-456-1111
    Switchboard: 202-456-1414

    Comments: 202-456-6213
    Visitor’s Office: 202-456-2121

    CALL. Daily. Name the Kikenvermin Jew Nation Wrecker. I do. I don’t go on DS, because Anglin got personally involved in a spat between myself and one of his little phag bois, but Anglin commands a huge audience. Trumped gets briefed EVERY day. CALL CALL CALL.

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    1. I already called the White House comment line yesterday.
      This is what I read to them, verbatim:

      “Mr. President,

      I am a European American White Nationalist. My Family fought hard to get you elected. Like you, I grew up in another time when all school Children started the day by facing our Flag and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

      I am a disabled Vietnam Combat Veteran, and the current Patriarch of a long Family lineage in Military and Law Enforcement service. Many generations of my Family have fought in every American war. My home is draped with Valor Medals including a MOH, and now several of my Children have greatly added to that total in senseless wars for israhell in the Middle East.

      I now have Grandchildren serving our great Country. One is going to West Point to become an Army Doctor, another has gone from ROTC to the Air Force Academy to become a Fighter Pilot.

      As you can see, my Family continues to write unconditional blank checks to OUR Country.

      However, I CANNOT, and WILL NOT ALLOW ANY MORE of my Family’s precious blood to be spilled in wars for israhell, and we at my VFW Post strongly feel that we should not be performing any more Color Guards, Flag lines, 21 Gun Salutes and Taps for our young Men and Women in these senseless wars.

      Mr. Commander-in-Chief, with all due respect, get your head outta your six!

      For years you’ve been advocating views of avoiding the madness in Syria, and you’ve been quite clear on this right up until last week. In fact, the last gassing was proven to be the dastardly deed of Assad’s opponents, and you already know this. You MUST stop this nonsense of doing israhell’s bidding right now! STAY OUT OF SYRIA!

      We The People want nothing to do with this.

      We The People elected you to do the right thing, and that includes staying out of the Middle East, as you campaigned.

      If you insist on this reckless insanity, We The People that hired you, will see you right out the door.”

      I am now emailing this to every (((congressman))) with the same promise.

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  2. USA just bombed Syria!!! A country that has not attacked our soil. The alleged chemical attacks was with chemical manufactured in Israel, in the ISIS warehouse. Isreali aurforce has decimated the,Syrian airforce illegally. It seems that the USA will start another WAR for the jews with goyim blood and money.

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