No, Mr. President, We Will Not Support You No Matter What You Do

One of the big criticisms that we and normie conservative types agree on when it comes to the left is their blind devotion to those who lead their party. For instance, it was so ridiculous when Obama won a Peace Prize after having been in office for less than a month and yet the left tried to act as though it was some sort of legitimate achievement instead of an award for being black.

111                                                       Who knew you got a special prize just for being black?

It was of course, ludicrous on it’s face and we and others criticized this. What did the left do? They tried to justify something that was laughable on it’s face. All through the Obama Presidency we saw the same thing: no matter what sort of foolishness he partook in, his leftists allies jumped to his defense no matter what. Most of the time the best they could come up with was, “You’re racist”.

Now after having suffered through eight years of African occupational government, we have been successful at launching Donald Trump to the Presidency. Honestly, he could have simply skated for six months and it would have seemed like a vast improvement simply because it wasn’t Obama. Alas, no. President Trump has taken to action right away. He has successfully got his Supreme Court nominee pushed through, which is a great positive for everyone on our side and we’re thrilled over this. He threw his weight behind Paul Ryan’s health care bill which I find a questionable move and then…………………..Syria. Look, nobody worked harder and took more shots getting Donald Trump elected than internet Nazis. We were at the forefront of this movement from the start, with the dankest memes and at times, literally fighting in the streets with Marxist thugs. However we’re not niggers who blindly follow the Democrat party no matter what they may do. We were always going to be open to criticizing Trump if he did something that we didn’t support. And now…………………Syria. We have openly criticized this move that, in a best case scenario is a gamble that his base will hold and he can get himself some breathing room with these Jews, as I discussed in the special breaking news segment. I don’t know of anyone who thought that when they were voting for Trump to make America great again, that would entail more wars in the Mid East for the Jews and yet, what has been some of the reactions from the normie conservative types?

le american bear god bless america


Over on Gab which is normie conservative type central, I along with many others have been openly critical of this move which is very much a betrayal of what we all were told we were voting for. After all, Hillary Clinton was the candidate who was running on the platform of WWIII with Russia to protect ISIS, if we all wanted that we would have voted for her. Yet, quite a few of the normie conservative types on Gab’s reaction has been to cover their ears and start chanting, “God bless America” over and over again. The same refusal to acknowledge the reality of the situation that we all pointed and laughed at the left over when Obama was in office is apparent in so many of these people. Look, we aren’t taking shots at someone on our own side here, we are speaking truth to power and holding Trump accountable to do the things that we elected him to do. He’s gambling that his base will hold through this move and it very well may, after all we’ve already put our chips on the table here so our only real choice for now is to hold our cards and see what happens. However I have to say, with it appearing that Bannon is being inched out while the Jew son in law is being given a prominent position, things are looking more and more dark.

222Listen to her Mr. President. You remember how we were with the left, you don’t want our memes aimed at you. 

It is my belief that the base will hold as long as another shoe doesn’t drop. If Bannon is forced out completely and replaced by the Jew son in law, all bets are off and many will choose to fold and walk away. How will this further your agenda Mr. President? How will this get things done? I have heard that you value loyalty very much through all of your business dealings well you would do well to remember that your Jew son in law isn’t the one who got you elected, we did and unlike normie conservative types we won’t support you no matter what you do or how bad you Jew us over. You should remember that if we leave, you will be left with zero support. If I were you, I would be making a move now to reassure your support that you have a larger agenda besides folding up and giving the Jews everything they want. We elected you to make America great again, not to give Israel everything they demand. Now get to it.

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2 thoughts on “No, Mr. President, We Will Not Support You No Matter What You Do”

  1. We are White Nationalists. My Wife and I worked extremely hard to get this Man elected. Now we are both pretty fuckin pissed. You saw my message to the Prez.

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