But Why Would He Though?

It’s Monday so maybe I’m just in one of those moods.

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So I’m on Gab this morning and it is chock full of “God bless America” and other assorted “Rah rah rah” stuff. Then I’m driving through town and a local business has “God bless Israel” on their marque sign out front. Then I get behind a vehicle with a sticker in the back window that says, “America still trusts God” or something along those lines. Whenever I see this sort of things implying that God should bless America and such, as a Christian person I always think to myself ‘But why would he though?’ Why exactly do people seem to think that God owes America some sort of divine blessing? We have faggot marriage now, should that be the reason? Degeneracy is celebrated non stop, maybe that should be the reason why. To this, one usually hears something along the lines of, “That’s the courts” or “The liberals” or something but it’s all still America. Why the hell does God owe America some sort of blessing? It’s not as though Grandpa Lampshade is a hater of his own country or something. Accusations to this effect are nothing more than a deflection away from an uncomfortable truth that I am pointing out.

le american bear god bless america

Among the Christian community, it seems they are of the belief that since America is a client state to the Christ killers then that means God should have us at the top of his “To watch over” list. How does this make any sense? “Well Grandpa Lampshade, out of all of the countries in the world, America is the only one that truly celebrates that all men are equal! What could be more godly than that?” To which my response is to ask you to point to exactly what part of the Bible says that if you all believe in Jesus, then race no longer exists? “But but but our political system is implementing these things that we don’t agree with, that’s not reflective of the nation as a whole!” but what are you doing to change it? Under the threat of death, Jesus stood right in these same people’s face and told them to their face in front of everyone that they were liars and murderers and you’re afraid someone is going to call you a racist? I consider myself a very empathetic person and for the most part, even if I disagree with someone on a topic I can usually at least figure out why they think the way they do but for the life of me, I really don’t understand why people believe that God owes America some sort of special seat at the table.


Is it simply that this is some sort of lazy version of faith? That as long as we give money to Israel and let them run all of our institutions then we don’t have to worry about changing anything for the better ourselves because God will take care of it because chosen people? Is the fact that by and large, these same Jews are the ones promoting the very degeneracy and corruption that we say we oppose irrelevant because of some Bible passage that 99% of so called believers have no grasp of the context of? The old saying goes that the good Lord helps those that help themselves. Why should God lift a finger to help when all you are doing is chanting “God bless America” over and over? What if he doesn’t feel like doing that? “But Grandpa Lampshade, doesn’t the Bible say we should submit to whoever the rulers are?” Yeah sure, then I guess if the anti-Christ sits over you as your ruler, then you should submit to him  because heaven knows God wouldn’t want you to not to submit to your rulers. This is laziness masquerading as faith, pure and simple. These are all just excuses to not try to change things for the better because if you sit back and do nothing, God will fix it all. In fact, God wants you to sit back and do nothing, right? I can already feel a great rustling going through the world of normie conservative types but what I have spoken here is the truth. If you want God to bless your country, perhaps you should try getting off your ass and doing something that deserves being blessed for.

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