Well Now We know

Literal Nazi that I may be, Grandpa Lampshade is also very pragmatic. I realize that as we work to educate people and bring them to understanding the realities of the world and ultimately come to our side of truth, you can’t just jump full on GTKRWN right off the bat as they just aren’t ready for that. If you do that, they will never stick around long enough to hear the truths that you are presenting. You see, the ultimate goal is to get them to come to our side to embrace the truth all on their own, as though it was their idea all along.

444Hey there normies, care to chat a bit about Globalist bankers?

Our work during the entire Trump campaign was reflective of this reality. Terms like “globalist” or “elites” or “big banks” and so on are actually just code words for “Jew” for people who on some level know we are right but just can’t bring themselves to make that final step. Have you ever broke a horse? Contrary to what you see on TV, the correct way to break a horse is not to force a saddle on them and “buck them out”. It is actually a fairly lengthy process that involves taking them step by step until you finally have a dependable steed that won’t blow up in a panic at the first sign of trouble. However we always knew there would be limits on how far we could successfully employ this strategy. You see when you are breaking a horse, ground work (the part where you lunge them in a pen at the end of a rope without anyone actually riding them) is great and all but at some point you still have to swing your leg over the saddle. When Trump won the Presidency, everyone was like, “Hell yeah! I don’t care if he calls them globalist elites or what as long as he stops these kikes!” But how far were we actually going to get with a leader who was still hobbled by not being able to openly and publicly name the source of our ills? Well, I think now we have our answer. You see, it’s not possible to get into office and then at some point come out and say, “Our foreign policy is that of a client state to globalist elites who have no name”.

donald trump sad pepe           Come on Mr. President, you and I both know it’s the kikes. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying our strategy of supporting the Trump campaign was wrong. It moved our movement ahead and brought more people on board with the truth than ever before. It’s just that this is as far as we can expect to get without leaders who can openly name the Jew. This shouldn’t sound strange to you. Imagine if you went to the doctor because you had been sick as hell for months. The doctor examined you and knew right away that you had cancer that if not treated, you would die from. However, the doctor didn’t want to tell you that cancer was your problem so he told you that “You have some strange things going on so here are some pain pills to take and we’ll see if you get better.” Would you actually get better? Of course not because your doctor refuses or doesn’t feel as though he is able to name the actual source of your illness. This is why in my own personal dealings with people, though I may play along with the “globalist elite” game for a bit, after I’ve had the opportunity to give the truth to the person I am dealing with, I come right on out and name the Jew. I mean seriously, what’s the point if we can’t do that? Nobody likes to hear that they have cancer or in this case, a bad case of parasites but it’s better to hear that hard truth so that you have a chance to fight for your survival than it is to just keep playing games and pretending that everything will get better all on it’s own.

222                                                                                                      The real problem is the media! 

le illuminati                                                                                                     Or perhaps it’s the Illuminati! 

Look, I pride myself on not being a binary thinker and I realize that different situations can call for different strategies and approaches. However every strategy and every approach has it’s limitations. Do you want to know how far we can get without naming the Jews? Take a look at what’s happening at the Trump Administration. Now you know.

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