Grandpa Lampshade’s Advice for the President

It may come as a shock to many of you that I have not already been offered a post as a top White House adviser. Honestly, I find it a little hard to believe myself. One thing you can bet, if I were then President Trump would be in a better position than he is right now. However, I’m not bitter over being passed over for a White House appointment. I get that Grandpa Lampshade may be a bit too edgy for your average American normie and I was ok with Bannon being there to provide a voice of reason. However, as it appears that Bannon is being pushed out and the Jew son in law is moving in along with a cabal of Jews, Trump is finding himself further and further isolated. I’m still holding out some hope for President Trump. I think he’s got himself into a bit of a corner and as I wrote yesterday, America being a client state of Israel doesn’t change simply because leadership in the White House changes.

pepe eyes                                                       These are the eyes of someone who is watching out for you Mr. President. 

111                                                                                      These are not. 

Aside from a few dollars here and there thrown my way by loyal listener sponsors to the show, I’m doing all of this for free. I don’t know what the position of White House adviser pays but I’m sure it’s pretty good. Still, out of love for my people and country, Grandpa Lampshade is here to offer you the best advice you’re going to get, even though you have all of these high payed advisers surrounding you and I’m doing it for free.

that feel le versionThis is you right now Mr. President, surrounded by your so called advisers. 

Now I’ve spoken in articles as well as on the show as to how America is a client state of Israel. Unlike in years past, the normal way things go is a country that is militarily superior will force a weaker nation into being a client state. However the situation with the U.S. and the Jews is a bit different. The Jews certainly aren’t militarily superior to us, the very notion is laughable. America has become a client state to Israel and the Jews because the Jews control our entire financial system as well as the media. They also have control of the JEWdiciary and have bought pretty much the entire Congress off. You have to understand folks, if they wanted to, the Jews could crash our entire economy overnight, they have that much power. Not only is the head of the Federal Reserve a Jew (surprise surprise) did you know that the #2 person in charge there is the former head of the Israeli central bank? Is it becoming more clear to you now? Without going into further detail you get a pretty good picture of why it is that a President, no matter how good his intentions may be, is pretty much cornered into doing the bidding of these kikes. Thus, even with the best of intentions Donald Trump soon ran into the reality that the President is more or less a middle man doing the bidding of the Jews (now you come to a more clear understanding as to why Obama was so openly bitter towards Netanyahu).

donald trump sad pepe        TFW you thought you were going to MAGA but instead you find you just have to take orders from a bunch or rat faced kikes. 

So what can you do? You had all of these grand plans and you are watching them quickly blow out the window as the Jew agenda is taking center stage, same as it always was. I don’t think was how what you imagined being President but what can you do? These Jews have this thing pretty much locked down and their hands firmly on the levers of control, right? Don’t worry Mr. President, when the hour seems the darkest there will appear a prophet to shine the light on the path before you…………..and his name is Grandpa Lampshade.

pepe angel

You see, the Jews don’t have nearly as firm a grip on power as it may appear. Let me lay this out for you as briefly and yet as accurately as possible. First the media: though it is true that the Jews own the media lock stock and barrel the fact of the matter is their ability to control the flow of information has deteriorated significantly. Now, I’m not saying they have no control over the narrative but if you look back 30 years ago to the days when the only thing the people knew about what was going on was what the Jews in the media told them on TV or in the newspapers you can see how much their power in this area as been depleted. You can also bet that the Jews themselves are quite cognizant of this. This is why we keep seeing these pushes to get control over the information on the internet but that cat is pretty much out of the bag.

cat-in-bag                The internet cat is out of the bag kikes and he ain’t going back in. 

Now as to this push for war, though it is true that the Jews have had Syria and all of these other countries on their short list of nations they want to see destroyed for the expansion of greater Israel there is actually another aspect of this. Without getting bogged down into details here, let’s just say that if you look at the global economy and the different market aspects the fact is that their little Jew usury scheme has about run as far as it can. You see, this little system they have where they get rich by syphoning wealth off the rest of us has its limits and thus, it is cyclical. When it reaches it’s natural end of cycle and is ready to crash, the Jew book calls for setting off a big war to blame the crash on and shield themselves from any blame. Then when the big war is over and everyone starts trying to rebuild their wrecked countries, guess who is there to re establish their financial system? All for a moderate cut of course. So if you are Donald Trump right now, you are like, “Come on get to the point Lampshade.” The point is Mr. President that at this stage of the cycle, the Jews’ grip on power is at the weakest as it is in any other stage of the cycle. If the economy is going great, it is political suicide to do anything that rocks that boat. Here’s the thing: the financial system is going to implode anyway (you can take a look at off the books global derivatives if you wish to do your own research, it will blow your mind).

7777                                                                             What the hell are you doing here Lampshade? Come on now, can’t we just be friends? 

If the financial system is destined to implode anyway, are the Jews not at least partially bluffing? In other words Mr. President you are at a crossroads here but you do have a choice. If you decide to play along as all of those who came before you did then the Jews will continue to keep their grip on our institutions and their big war to cover their culpability in the inevitable financial crash may very well spiral out of control to the point that countless millions could die on a scale never before seen. However you can make another choice: come straight out and tell the American people the truth. Tell them that Israel and these Jews have had control of our foreign policy for decades if not longer. Disclose the financial information that shows the payments to each and every member of Congress that shills non stop for the Jews. In other words Mr. President, it’s time to name the Jew. Will they try to destroy the economy? Yep but that’s going to happen anyway. WWIII with Russia isn’t exactly going to equate to a financial boom. Are they going to go full meltdown in the media and accuse you of wanting to put them in fake shower rooms and gas them with bug spray? Yes but in the end, they are going to do that anyway. Your base will rally around you in a way that you can’t even imagine. Will some of the conservacucks run away because “Muh chosen people”? Yes but they were weak and were always going to bail at some point anyway. Your real base will rally to your cause and will not waver. As things stand now, your base is wavering hard and you are in real danger of losing them and they were the only ones who ever supported you. Do you really just want to be another guy who got elected making empty promises but failed to break the Jew control over our nations or do you want to be the one guy that history will remember forever? The Jews have more control over more nations now than they ever had before but they also stand in a very precarious position. Information can be distributed at speeds of a fraction of a second and once released over the interwebs, it can’t be reeled back in. Come on Mr. President, disclose the documents, seize power and name the Jew. You still have a chance at greatness.

6666                   It’s not over yet. You can still be the President that you wanted to be. 

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