Britcucks Continue Working Hard for Their Masters

Don’t feel bad Brits. Britain is a client state of the U.S. and the U.S. is a client state for Israel so it just the way it works. However it’s sad to look out there and see once great nations brought to their knees and reduced to nothing more than two bit salesmen peddling the toxic product of their Jewish masters. But hey, at least you stopped Hitler.


Tensions boiled over in a fraught UN discussion over Russia’s support for Syria when a furious ambassador from Moscow snapped at a British diplomat: ‘Look at me while I’m talking to you’.

If Hitler were alive today, he would be allied with Russia.

Jabbing his finger towards Matthew Rycroft, Russia’s deputy ambassador Vladimir Safronkov responded furiously to claims that Moscow had been ‘humiliated’ in its support for dictator Bashar al-Assad.

This has to be beyond frustrating from the Russian point of view. No matter how much you tell the truth, they just act as though you said nothing and keep blabbering on with their nonsense. Don’t feel bad Russia, we all know that feel.

The extraordinary outburst came as Russia vetoed a UN resolution condemning the reported use of chemical weapons in Syria and urging a speedy investigation into a chemical attack which claimed 87 lives last Tuesday.

But don’t you know? Pictures of gassed twins proves that Assad loaded barrels of gas on his fighter jets and dropped them on his people for no apparent reason.

111Proof? You want proof that Syria did the gassings? Well here’s your proof right here! What else do you need? 

Mr Safronkov said: “Look at me, when I’m speaking, don’t look away. Why are you looking away?’

He’s looking away because he’s a cucked faggot who has sold out the last bit of any dignity or honor he may have had to shill for the Jews. The Russian Ambassador then goes on to drop one truth bomb after another.

And he told the British ambassador: ‘You’re losing sleep that we might be working together with the United States, co-operating with the United States – that is what you fear.
‘You’re doing everything to make sure this kind of co-operation is undermined.’ He added: ‘What have you done to advance a cease-fire? You welcome various opposition groups in London and Paris, illegal armed groups.’

111         Look at me when I’m talking to you faggot! 

Of course, in a way he’s just berating the messenger. The faggot from Britain is just following orders from his Semitic overlords.

The exchange happened on a day in which:
The UN Security Council was told British scientists had discovered evidence of nerve agent sarin, or a sarin-like substance, at the scene of the attack
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said there were ‘low levels of trust’ between the United States and Russia after meeting Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow
British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson called on Vladimir Putin to use his influence on Assad to end the war
Russia’s ambassador to the UN, Vladimir Safronkov, accused Britain of ‘arrogance’ and defended its role
Putin said there was ‘no evidence’ that Assad was behind the chemical attack

It is obvious to anyone with an open mind and eyes to see that the Russians are clearly the ones standing on the ground of truth here. Yet, what are we seeing? A nonstop push for war. Who benefits from this war? The Syrians? America? Nope, only the Jews.

111           I think I may have just wet myself a bit there. 

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson later said he was ‘dismayed’ by the Russian veto – and urged Vladimir Putin to use his influence with Assad to bring the war to an end.

Assad has been doing his best to bring the war to an end…… winning. So then the only logical conclusion we can come to is that the British want the terrorists to win. How can you come to any other conclusion? The two warring parties in Syria right now are Assad and the terrorists and the British are demanding Assad bring the war to an end by surrendering to the terrorists. Does this not seem insane to anyone else? Why?

‘Last week in Syria, a barbaric attack was committed,’ he said.

Oh yeah I forgot, because gas twins.

111I’m sorry but if fighting the terrorists means twins will be gassed the only answer is to surrender. 

It has been said that the only thing more dangerous than being an enemy of the U.S. is to be an ally. I think this is false and actually a misdirection. The true version of this statement would be that the only thing more dangerous than being an enemy of the Jews is to be an ally of them. Think about it for a moment: the sun used to never set on the British empire, then in fear that they might actually have another European country rise up in power that could rival their own they allied themselves with the Jews to destroy Nazi Germany. Now look at them today: a vassal state of the U.S. which is nothing more than the strong arm enforcer for the Jews on the world stage. What a sad sad state for a once great nation. In retrospect it’s more than a little ironic that this fool hearty move has been historically justified by another gassing story. Only that one is even more dubious then the current one being sold.




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