I Can No Longer Write Parody

One of the things that many have found entertaining about life here at the Semitic Truth Center is the humor. Grandpa Lampshade likes to have a laugh, even in these most challenging of times. However, I don’t believe I will be able to do this anymore. Why? Because things now are so serious that it’s just beyond finding any humorous angle to look at it from? No. Because now when I read actual news stories………..Hell with it you’ll see what I mean.

The rise of the alt-right movement has many people nervous about the spread of neo-Nazi sympathies – and the furry community is apparently not immune to these political trends.


Yeah……….so here we are in America in current year. For those of you who don’t know from what I gather this furry thing is a deal where grown adults dress up as animals. I read somewhere a long time ago that sometimes weird sex stuff is involved too but I don’t know. If you want to do more research you will have to do it yourself, as there are just some places I’m not willing to go.

In shocking news, the Rocky Mountain Fur Con, the annual event that brings together furries, has been canceled after a splinter group known as the Furry Raiders came under fire for embracing ‘altfur’ symbols similar to those of Nazis and fascists.

tanya the evil gif

I’ll be honest, the story itself is so far out there that the only way I can add any additional humor to it is to spam anime pics and gifs.

The chairman of the event posted a message on Twitter saying that the Furry Raiders have started to promote intolerance within the furry community.

I assumed that maybe some shitlords were donning these costumes and trying to lynch the black furries or something but apparently that’s not the case. What they’re outraged about is….well you’ll see.


Yeah this is it: they’re wearing an armband with a paw print on it. Do you know who else wore an armband? Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, that’s who. So it’s only logical that if you decide to dress up as an animal and do weird sex shit and stuff and you have an armband then you no doubt want to gas the furries who are dressed as rats…….I guess?

444                                                   Pictured is the most popular selling furry outfit in the Jewish furry community. 

‘The furry community and Rocky Mountain Fur Con have always strived to be a place of inclusion……..

Seriously, how am I supposed to top this?

konosuba megumin

…….a place where furs from all walks of life, differing religious, political, social and personal views can come together to celebrate the thing that we have in common, the love of our fandom,’ wrote Sorin, the chairman of Rocky Mountain Fur Con.

So………they all love to come together and dry hump each other while wearing animal suits but someone showing up in an animal suite with an armband triggers them and makes them think of Hitler because he too wore an armband so they just can’t even.

Furries are anthropomorphic animal characters, meaning they have human qualities or characteristics, that can be any member of the animal kingdom – including the non-furry ones.

No. They’re freaking weirdos dressing up in animal costumes FFS.

Now the furry community has been torn asunder by accusations that the Furry Raiders are flirting with fascism.

Gas the rats! Animal war now!

7777                         Please do not confuse Hitler cat with furries. Hitler cat is not a furry. Hitler cat is real. 

Their leader, Foxler, dresses in a fox suit with an armband that bears a paw print, though critics say there is too strong a resemblance to the swastika.


Yeah I can totally see where you could associate the two…….oh wait no I can’t. WTF is wrong with you people? Oh that’s right. If there wasn’t something wrong with you people you wouldn’t be running around dressed up in a freaking animal suite.

Despite the armband and a picture that surfaced on Twitter showing him lifting his arm in what looks like a Nazi salute, Foxler denied that he is advocating neo-Nazi ideology, according to The Daily Beast.
Nonetheless, there has been a rise in fascist furries that has alarmed many in the community.

How come everyone no matter how out there gets to be referred to as a “community” but we’re always a “fringe group”?

111  I was honestly ready to give the guy in the story kudos as a shitlord extraordinaire who found a fun way to get his keks triggering the weirdo community until I got to this faggy pic. Well, I guess fags have a sense of humor as well. 

‘As it got more and more heated, people started talking about beating up people wearing the symbol.’

There’s antifa furries! Think I’m kidding?

111Yes, this is apparently a real thing. 

The threats of violence forced convention organizers to require more security, the cost of which turned out to be prohibitive. 

You see, the event organizers are totally unoriginal. I would have promoted it and sold admission. I don’t know who exactly would pay to see two guys in animal suits duking it out but I’m sure someone would.

The Furry Raiders angered their furry brethren when they snatched up a large bloc of hotel rooms for the scheduled convention in Denver.
Brooks said that reserving the large number of rooms amounted to ‘a power grab’ meant to dilute the influence of other organizations at the convention.

Influence? What influence? You’re all just……………oh forget it.

When news of the Furry Raiders’ massive bookings spread throughout the community, it sparked a backlash ‘antifa furry’ movement.
The rising anti-fascist movement operated under the banner ‘Nazi Furs F*** Off’ – and the protest began to grow online.

gabriel dropout satainia

One ‘fursona,’ Deo, even tweeted a joke saying that she ‘couldn’t wait to punch these Nazis.’

Bitch. No I mean seriously probably dressed as a literal bitch.

Ok so there ya have it. I really don’t know how to add anything else to it. I mean………….what else is there to add? I guess the next time someone starts with the “God Bless America” business think of this story. Honestly, I think this nation is teetering into the realm of God getting sick and tired of our shit.



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