Politits versus Alt-Right: funding analysis

Excellent write up. See my added commentary in the comments section.

United Shitlords

Inspired by Beardson Beardly’s Thot Wars video, Andrew Anglin’s recent article addressing the #WQ, and several conversations at the Shitlord Castle High Council, we ran an comparative analysis of the cash flow of a sample of the “pretty faces” in the alternative political scene. The Politits, as we call them here, glom onto whatever political movement reaches popularity at the time, whether that involves Gamer Gate, anti-feminism, the Alt-Right, etc. A good indicator appears when their channels pivot from the irrelevant/uninteresting previous content toward the latest trend and never return to those talking points.

While United Shitlords admit a clear bias toward the Alt-Right, our intentions surrounded the generation of accurate data and the presentation thereof in a neutral manner. Nonetheless, we anticipate that this article rustles people on both sides for various reasons. Let the triggering commence, folks.

A pair of tits. Nothing beats a pair of great tits.


We averaged…

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