Walmart Fires 88 Year Old Doorstop

As a disclaimer upfront let me inform you: I hate Walmart. I haven’t stepped foot into a Walmart in many many years. Aside from the fact that their business practices have helped destroy rural America by eliminating mom and pop stores, the overall experience of stepping into one of these places sucks. First there are the employees: they walk around in a zombie like state and do their best to not make eye contact with you, more so if you look as though you might need assistance. Then after you have managed to slog through the store and have picked out your Chinese crap that will break next week, you go to check out. Now, if you have a buggy full of Chinese crap you are in trouble. There are all of these check out lines but the only ones manned besides perhaps one will be the express lanes. You see, they want you to use the self check out. That way you do the work as an employee and get no pay. Nice deal huh? One of the things I also hate about Walmart is the way they try to market themselves as just a big version of a friendly neighborhood store. One of the way they do this is to hire old people who in America can’t afford to retire, and pay them minimum wage (that often the government gives them money to help cover) to stand at the door and greet you as you come in. It’s supposed to put a personal friendly mask on the fact they are an exploitative corporation. However sometimes the mask slips. 

An 88-year-old Wisconsin Walmart greeter was fired after a wild turkey wandered into the store.
On March 27, Bob Tallinger was working when the curious bird came into the store, WISN reported.
Tallinger told the ABC affiliate: ‘It starts and it goes back around and then it walks out.’
The animal was eventually caught and subdued by a Humane Animal Welfare Society official.

Normally all these so called “greeters” have to do is hand people shopping carts or Le American Bear scooters so they can buy some more crap food. I’ve never heard of them being required to round up wildlife.

111Thank you Mr. Greeter man, you’re my greatest ally ever. 

Tallinger, who had worked as a greeter at the store for eight years, received notice that he had been fired last week.
Walmart supervisors told him he should have alerted a manager to the bird’s presence, he said.

This is what I call a stroke of P.R. genius Walmart!

111Muh big corporations: as American as apple pie and firing old people. 

‘He never saw a book of rules that said if a wild turkey comes in here you better run and get management,’ his wife Janet told WISN.
‘Granted he’s gotten older and granted he’s lost a little memory but nevertheless that hasn’t prevented him from being an excellent greeter.’
A Walmart spokesperson confirmed that Tallinger was no longer working at the company.
The turkey was unharmed and likely lived near Waukesha, an official said.

I think we should all get to see the picture of the manager who fired this old guy. What do ya’ll want to bet: minority of some sort or woman? Double points if both. I have no problem with businesses growing and making a profit, it’s necessary for a prosperous society. Water is also great for you health and necessary for you to live but do you know what happens if you drink too much of it? You die. Likewise when businesses are allowed to become mega corporations the good of the people isn’t even on the radar and they will become toxic to your society. It’s all about exploiting the people, the resources of a nation and grabbing more power for themselves. There is no loyalty to the nation nor the people. There is only one bad guy in this story, and it’s not the old man or the turkey.

111The turkey didn’t do nothin’. 

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2 thoughts on “Walmart Fires 88 Year Old Doorstop”

  1. I’ve always said, if your curious and want to see the human cesspool or even the REAL percentage of illegal aliens that occupies your town, go to the nearest walmart.

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  2. LOL. I read ‘the turkey was unharmed’ as ‘the turkey was unarmed’.
    Walmart are pathetic. I bet the guy wouldn’t have been fired if he’d been an ‘enricher’.

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