America = A New York Subway

In a story that is supposed to serve as a feel good piece for delusional shitlibs as well as to make invaders feel as though they are the real Americans, we are informed that America is represented by a New York subway train. This isn’t all together wrong. For those of you who live in Europe pre invasion, you probably have visions of public transportation being these great things that serve the people. However in America, public transportation such as the New York subway system are nothing more than dangerous, filthy and smelly boxes where you take your life in your own hands riding with the third world. So in this sense, yeah maybe if not a representation of what America is, it is at least a representation of what America will be.

A man who shared his heartwarming photo of a Hasidic couple scooting over on a subway train so they could make room for a Muslim mother feeding her baby has gone viral.

I think he missed an extra marker in the story: look at the Hasidic couple and tell me that doesn’t look like a tranny.

111Granted, Jewesses aren’t the best lookin’ gals out there but I’ll tell ya that looks like a trap to me. 

The man, Jackie Summers, who blogs for The Good Men Project, and who is a Taoist, said he gave up his seat to the Hasidic couple on the F train in New York City on Easter Sunday. The F train runs from Brooklyn, through Manhattan, and into Queens.
‘A Taoist (me) gives up his seat so a Hasidic couple could sit together. They scoot over so a Muslim mother could sit and nurse her baby, on Easter Sunday,’ wrote on Facebook and in his blog. ‘This is my America: people letting people be people.’

Aw how sweet. So this is your America, huh? Where everyone makes themselves at home in a country built by white people and yet your photo that supposedly represents your America is missing one key thing: white people.

111                                                                                  All your America now belongs to this guy apparently. 

The post has been shared almost 30,000 times on Facebook since Sunday and shared over 4,000 times on Twitter.
‘THIS is what makes America great and these days I’ve been struggling to find ways to feel good about America,’ wrote Lisa Smith Zwart. ‘Thank you for restoring a little of my faith in humanity today, Jackie.’

Thank you for reminding me that America isn’t about white people. I feel better!

The country has been divided since the presidential election over immigration policies, including a planned wall along the Mexican border and extreme vetting for people coming from primarily Muslim countries.

The country has been divided a lot longer than that. It’s just that this recent election was representative of white Americans (i.e. real Americans) finally finding their voice and standing up for themselves.

President Donald Trump has twice ordered a ban on Syrians entering the country, and has said in the past he would send back those refugees already located here. So far, courts have blocked the orders.

So much for Democracy.

There has been a reported uptick in hate crimes, including Jewish cemeteries that have been vandalized in New York and Philadelphia, and mosques that have been reported vandalized across the country.

Yeah about all of those Jewish hate crimes: turns out in virtually every case where they found the perp, guess who it was.


‘Now that’s the kind of America I would like to live in,’ wrote David Lockley.

You know, if that’s the case you could move to some place like Libya and it would look pretty much like that. Why don’t you?

‘Such a NY way of life. As a New Yorker living in other parts of the country, I hope that soon the rest of the country catches up,’ wrote Muddy Magnolias.

The entire rest of the country hates New York. This is a fact. If the terrorists wiped it out with a nuke, the rest of the country would start chanting, “California next!”

111This is America. Yeah, not exactly. 

So we have three main characters in this story: the black who posted it, the two Jews (one of which is possibly a tranny) and a Moslem. What do all three of these have in common? They are all in America. Why are they in America and not somewhere else? Because this is where the good stuff is. In other words, they are here to “get theirs” as the saying goes. Why are the things they want and the life experiences they are seeking here though and not somewhere else? Is the geography magic? No. It’s because white people built this country. Now all of these other parasites are here to feed off of the fruit of generations of our people’s labor. You would think that with this being the case, they would at least show some gratitude but that is simply not the way it works. After all, have you ever seen a tape worm show appreciation for keeping it alive? Instead of appreciation, these parasites mock us, make more demands on us and then declare that this is their America and not yours. They are claiming ownership of your country and openly stating their intention of taking it away from you. They are not politely asking you to share it. They are not offering to give you something in exchange for it. They are openly telling you that they will take it from you and you can either hand it over willingly or they will take it by force. Either way, you will be left with no place of your own. Let’s be fair: they have honestly stated their intention. Now the only question is: what are you going to do?

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One thought on “America = A New York Subway”

  1. Amen to that. It’s amazing really, the whole of history is just ethnic, demographic struggle. Now that our people have been blessed beyond measure and have built all this infrastructure and prosperity, everyone wants to pretend we can all just get along and live in peace and harmony. Well, as soon as the evil white goyim are gone. They’re really the only thing keeping us from pure utopia with their superior genetics, uh, I mean racism. Even though we built all that affords the parasites a nice life. It’s really quite preposterous. They should all go to Libya. Free from the white devil.

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