Happy Birthday Hitler


It’s April 20th, the day when dope heads who attempt to escape reality by clouding their minds proclaim their brave stand against the system by killing some more brain cells and lighting up. However for those of us who are awake in this matrix of lies, it’s the day when we celebrate one of the true statesmen of our time. A man who stood against all odds in the world and dared to name the cause of it. A leader who actually cared about his people. It’s Adolf Hitler’s birthday and even though Mein Fuhrer is long since passed, there isn’t a single person in the world who doesn’t know who he is. Keep this in mind when the Jew attacks you for speaking the truth: millions lived at the time Hitler was alive and the vast majority of those are long dead and worse, completely forgotten. Being just another cog in the machine may bring you less confrontation in this lifetime but when you die (and we will all die) you will be discarded and nobody will remember you. However those who stand, those who dare to speak the truth and shake the world to it’s very foundations have the chance to be remembered for centuries to come. This is of course the most difficult of paths which is why so very few even attempt it and even fewer are successful. This truth is even more apparent today. Everything Adolf Hitler warned the world about has come to fruition. The entire planet is on the brink of destruction and the last hope for all of mankind, the white race is on the brink of¬†annihilation at the hands of these same International Jews that Hitler warned us about so many years ago. But it isn’t over. As long as one righteous man still draws breath and refuses to bend his knee and submit, the flame of hope will continue to burn. We are still keeping the flame alive Mein Fuhrer, we continue in the struggle you started so many years ago. Though the flame has flickered and at time seems as though it will be snuffed, it burns on.

Author: grandpalampshadeblog

Host of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day on www.radioaryan.com

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Hitler”

  1. That clip is so stinking powerful man. It brings rage and hope and pride all into a ball of power. If we had propaganda like that, had control of what our own people consume, we could awaken that lion so easily.

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