Sorry Canada, Sucks to be You

Snowbacks. It’s a term I think we need to start using. The flow of snowbacks trying to sneak into Canada fleeing the brutal civil war in the United States is increasing exponentially. Thankfully, if there is one thing Canada and Trudeau love, it’s Moslems. Since diversity is our strength, not only should Canada be thanking us for making them so much stronger, they should actually be paying us for these snowbacks.

The number of asylum seekers fleeing to Canada from the US in the wake of Trump’s immigration crackdown has soared since the weather turned warmer.

Remember how the leftists kept telling us that it was impossible to get rid of these people? Turns out all you have to do is start making it clear to them that they aren’t welcome to live here on welfare forever and they will start deporting themselves.

In the first three months of this year, 3,605 people have crossed the border from south to north, which is more than the total for the whole of 2013.
The figure has grown month-on-month from 920 in January to 1,465 in March and the number of those detained for entering the country illegally has tripled in that time.


Canada will soon eclipse the United States as a global power with the importation of more third worlders because diversity.

Canadian authorities caught 887 asylum seekers crossing unlawfully into Canada from the United States in March, nearly triple the number in January, according to numbers released by the government Wednesday.
This brings the total number of asylum seekers caught illegally walking across the border to 1,860 so far this year.


Canada is on track to see the highest number of asylum claims in six years, given the pace of claims filed so far, as increasing numbers of people cross into Canada to make refugee claims in the wake of US President Donald Trump’s election and his crackdown on refugees and illegal immigrants.

This is what’s so funny about this: what crackdown on refugees? He did try to do that travel ban but the JEWdicial system struck that down so I really can’t even think of anything that would qualify as a crackdown. This just goes to show you that even just the simple act of not inviting them all to come here to rape our women and live on welfare forever can make a huge difference in stopping the influx of these people. Just imagine what we can do once the vigilante deportation squads start rolling.


Under the Canada-US Safe Third Country Agreement, Canada is required to turn asylum seekers away if they try to file refugee claims at land border crossings.

Oh so maybe Canada isn’t insane after all!

But if people cross the border in between formal crossings, they are taken into custody and questioned by both police and border authorities, then allowed to file claims and stay in Canada while they await the outcome.

LOL nope, never mind.

222We just want to bring our 58 children here to get free everything forever and to flee the brutal civil war in New York. 

Refugee advocates have argued that were it not for the Safe Third Country Agreement, people would file claims at border crossings instead.

Let me get this straight: Canada has this insane law where if these people come to a border crossing they have to be turned away but if they just walk across the border they can live on welfare and get free everything forever and the ((advocates)) say this is unfair and the law should be changed so that they aren’t inconvenienced by having to cross over in the boonies. Wouldn’t this essentially make the border check points welcoming centers though?

The people caught crossing unlawfully comprise a fifth of everyone who has filed asylum claims in Canada so far this year but they loom large in Canadian politics, with the federal government taking fire for its wait-and-see approach.

333What do we want?! Moslem dick! When do we want it?! Right now!  

Nearly half of the people surveyed in an opinion poll released in March wanted to deport people illegally crossing into Canada from its southern neighbor.

Those are all men who aren’t fags and married women who aren’t married to cucks. The rest want them some Moslems right now.

‘The majority of irregular migrants are holders of visas for the United States,’ according to a statement released Wednesday from the office of Canada’s Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale.
‘Canadian authorities are managing the increase in asylum seekers in a sound and measured way.
‘To be clear – trying to slip across the border in an irregular manner is not a ‘free’ ticket to Canada.

But it is a free ticket. If it weren’t they wouldn’t be pouring in.

Police said Wednesday they have charged 43-year-old Michelle Omoruyi with human smuggling and conspiracy to commit human smuggling.
Police allege they found Omoruyi driving nine west African asylum seekers across the US border into the prairie province of Saskatchewan Friday night.
The nine asylum seekers have filed refugee claims and are not in custody.

To prove my point read that last line again: the nine Africans are not in custody. The African who made money bringing them in got arrested but the platoon of invaders were allowed to come on in and enjoy the welfare and fiki fiki. Why? Why does anyone think these people are owed a life in white countries? Because it’s sad that they’re poor? This is insane as there are infinity poor brown and black people in the world and even if you enslaved the white race completely to support them it still wouldn’t be enough. So what’s next? It’s time to stop being afraid of Jews calling you names and start asking these serious questions that must be answered.

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One thought on “Sorry Canada, Sucks to be You”

  1. Canadians, eh?
    They lost their guns and freedom of speech. There’s a gubmint document issued for book/print media seizures.
    Michigan was the first state to print all their welfare info/instructions in arabic.
    The crime rate is 66% higher in four Canadian Prairie Provinces than in all the US States across the northern border COMBINED.

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