Guarding Against Burnout

Well the weather wasn’t so great yesterday so I dedicated the entire day to getting the show recorded, edited and written up. As a result, there wasn’t any content posted up here at the Semitic Truth Center. Could I have tried to squeeze something in last night? Of course but I didn’t even come on and check. This brings me to the purpose of this article: guarding against burnout. I read lots of different people’s content and such and whenever I see someone say something along the lines of “I spend 18 hours a day doing this” it’s a big red flag. Look folks, if you are a content creator in this movement I get that you feel like you are really important and the entire movement may stop without you or that you may somehow lose ground if you don’t grind something out 24/7 but the fact of the matter is if you take a day off, this will all be here tomorrow. I don’t care how big you are or how big of an audience you have you are still just one little cog in the machine. Trying to grind out content 24/7 will result in one thing and one thing only: burnout. I can literally guarantee you this.

sad pepe naziTFW you really need a vacation.

Now to be clear; this isn’t directed towards any on person as I see more than a few content creators in this movement doing this. Do you know who you won’t see doing this? Grandpa Lampshade, that’s who. Call it humility call it what you like but I don’t have any sort of over inflated view of my importance in this thing. I just do what I do and if it furthers the cause of truth, then good. My number 1 focus has been and will continue to be the Thoughts of the Day program and the Semitic Truth Center comes second. I work close to 60 hours a week on average at my normie job, work on this space when I can throughout the day and the show will take an entire day off to record, edit and prep to go up on Tuesdays, often my only day off during the week. When I feel as though I’ve done enough, I step away. The point I’m making isn’t “Pat my head and make me feel better about myself because I work so hard to do what I’m doing” the point I’m making is one that I’ve made several times before but bears repeating: you need to find something to do in your life besides this. Even with the hours I put in believe me, I have other things that I enjoy doing and that I make time for that have absolutely nothing to do with politics or the grand struggle of saving our people. This goes beyond content creators as well. If you enjoy the Semitic Truth Center and other sites I’m very glad you do but FFS if all you do is sit in front of a computer all day and read these sites you need to find something else to do. Trust me, it will all still be here when you get back. This is about mental health and protecting your own well being. There are some shows I do that aren’t as good as others. There are times when I can bang out 5 articles a day no sweat and other days when I struggle to do one. The one thing I always strive for when it comes to content is to put out something of quality. I wold rather put out one article containing content that I believe folks will get something out of than 5 that are just filler so I can feel as though I put something out because it’s expected of me. It’s the same with the show. It’s unavoidable that some shows will be better than others but I always strive to put out the best content I can. However during editing 9 times out of 10 I wind up feeling as though the show could have been better than what it was. On rare occasions I have even redone a show completely but that is rare. I have found that self discipline is required in understanding that I need to put out the best show in the allotted amount of time that I have. Going back through editing I can always find something that I could have done better but I will never get anything done if all I do is keep going back to try and make it perfect. The point I’m making is this: the Bible says that pride goes before a fall. If you are so prideful that you believe this movement will collapse without you than you are setting yourself up for a fall. The first warning signs if you are a content creator is the quality of your output will decline. If you are a content consumer the warning sign is that it all begins to look and sound the same, like you are reading/listening to basically the same thing over and over again in a loop. Just stop. Find other things to be interested in besides this. You really aren’t that important. Will the world end tomorrow? Maybe but it hasn’t ended today and you still only get one shot at this life and though yes, we have important work to do while we’re here we also need to find some way to squeeze some enjoyment out of it as well. Try it and you might be surprised. If you are a content creator you will find the quality of your work will increase quite a bit. If you are a content consumer you will suddenly start seeing points that the author or host was making that you didn’t catch before because it was all beginning to sound like the same old thing over and over again. People love to point out the importance of staying physically fit in this movement and that is true. However, you shouldn’t neglect or underestimate the importance of your mental and spiritual fitness as well.


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  1. Exactly — and most people have jobs and/or are working on personal projects & blogs like this (creating content for redpilling or sharing out others’ content) and only have so many hours in a day to devote to reading as well. Plus there are so many books to be read! ^_^

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