It’s That Time Again


The latest installment of Thoughts of the Day is up. We go back to a traditional TOD format which of course means a shotgun of random topics that I’ve been thinking of. Fortunately my voice is much better this week and even though I am still fighting a little congestion, I was able to get a full hour in this week, no problem.

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One thought on “It’s That Time Again”

  1. I have an idea for a topic – could White Nationalist males who do not actually hate and fear women finally curb stomp the retarded, tone deaf, closeted homos that do?

    It’s not helpful to creating a successful advocacy movement. The SMART WN folks do not insult and drive off half of potential support base, and normal men who do not hate women because they are short, bald, completely socially inept and ugly, and cannot get/retain a mate.

    It’s no wonder that the handful of WN women on Jew Tube draw in more shekels than all the bois put together.


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