When Walking Around the Track: Never Relax

In a shocking crime that police assure us was 100% random, an elderly woman was beaten to death while walking around a high school track for her health. Although walking is good for your health, being around blacks isn’t.

Police say a man beat an 86-year-old woman to death in a random attack as she walked around a high school track in Northern California.


Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Tony Turnbull says the woman and a 61-year-old companion, who was only slightly injured, were walking on the track at Highlands High School in North Highlands when they were targeted early Wednesday by a short man in his mid-30s wearing sweats.

“A short man” you say? Maybe he was just pissed that the octogenarian was taller than him! That’s probably it as I can’t think of anything else that might have to do with it.

Ituri Forest PygmiesHell we’re letting everyone else in our countries, might as well let these guys in too. 

The man punched and kicked the two women at around 6am local time, as another person at the track called police.

Lots of people are afraid of these niggers. Even though it’s true that you can’t relax around blacks what you also need to keep in mind is they tend to attack when the odds are overwhelmingly in their favor that they won’t be harmed. Thus, the reason why you see so many stories about them attacking old people who are frail and weak. Generally, a single negro will only attack someone like this or perhaps attack you from behind. The only time they will generally attack white men who look as though they can fight will be if they have overwhelming numbers.

When officers arrived, the older woman was already dead, and the suspect had fled.


Officers searched the neighborhood, but could not find the man.

He done jetted out dat mufughah.

Authorities have not released the names of the two women.
‘It’s just super upsetting,’ one of the deceased woman’s neighbors told KCRA-TV.
‘Just super upsetting for no reason – she’s taking a walk. She’s my mom’s age.’

‘What did you get from it? What did you get from taking somebody’s life? I mean she’s gone.’

“This is so senseless! Why would someone do this?” The most common phrases uttered by white people when it comes to black crime. When you watch those nature documentaries on TV and you see tigers chasing down and killing zebras, do you stare at your TV screen in disbelief and keep asking over and over “Why?”

I can hear someone now: “But Grandpa Lampshade, aren’t you making a huge assumption here? It hasn’t said anywhere specifically that it was a black person. You are just being prejudiced and mean.”

Authorities said the suspect was described by a witness as a 5-foot-6-inch black male with a medium complexion in his 30s, according to Fox40.

pepe-with-a-fan                                                                                   I make this look a lot easier than it is. 

Anymore, you don’t have to even see the part where they finally get around to admitting it was a nigger. All you need to do is come to recognize the writing pattern for these stories. If this were a white guy, the fact that it was a white guy would be at the top of the story and you wouldn’t be getting vague descriptions like “A short man”.

The suspect was also described as having curly hair.

LOL They actually put that in the description. Yeah I’m sure he does, it’s often been described as being more like “wool”. So we have a random crime committed for no apparent reason that resulted in the death of an old lady. The suspect is described as a short nigger with curly hair. I’m not holding my breath for a major break through in the case.

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