White People: SMDH

I guess I should say altruistic white people. As the acting Reverend in the Church of Lampshade, I do not understand people who pose as being godly by “forgiving” those who brutally slaughter their family members. I think many people actually don’t understand what forgiveness itself is. To top this off, they extend their so called forgiveness to “people” who aren’t even of the same species. I mean, I guess you can forgive a coyote for killing your chickens but I can tell you it doesn’t mean anything to the coyote one way or the other.

The family of a man killed by death row inmate Kenneth Williams bought plane tickets for his daughter and granddaughter so they could see him before he was executed.

Now if we had a different system of how these executions worked, one like I would institute where the victim’s family had the option of participating in the execution, I could actually understand doing this. Think of it in the context of paying to have his family come so they could be forced to watch you throw the switch.

The 38-year-old was put to death in Arkansas on Thursday.


But the day before he died, Williams was able to see his 21-year-old daughter Jasmine Johnson – who he hadn’t seen in 17 years – and meet his three-year-old granddaughter for the first time.
They were flown over to Arkansas from Washington state by the family of victim Michael Greenwood.

We used to lynch niggers for shit like this. Now? We fly their families in and beg the system to save their lives. SMDH

Greenwood, then aged 24, was killed in a 1999 car wreck caused by Williams, who had escaped from prison, where he was serving a life sentence for killing 19-year-old cheerleader Dominique Hurd.
Williams was on death row for killing another man, Cecil Boren, while he was on the run.

So this nigger was in prison for killing a teenboon who really hadn’t done nothin, then killed a white farmer and finally killed this guy in a wreck fleeing from the cops. I guess you could argue that he didn’t technically murder these people’s family member (though he would have without a second thought) as he just died from this spook’s shitty driving.

111                                                                                  TFW you sell out your father’s justice in exchange for signalling points on Facebook. 

Kayla’s mother Stacey, who remarried four years after Greenwood’s death, bought the plane tickets for the killer’s family.
Kayla, along with her brothers, their mother and stepfather, picked up Jasmine and her child from the airport and drove them to the prison.

What the actual hell? I get that this girl’s mom remarried and moved on and she was little when her daddy was killed by this spook but this is literally spitting on his memory. If my family pulled some shit like this I would ask God for special permission to come back and haunt them.

‘I told him we forgive him and where I stood on it,’ said Kayla, who sent a message to Williams through his attorney.
‘When he found out that we are bringing his daughter and granddaughter to see him and that my mom and dad bought the tickets, he was crying to the attorney.’

You know how else he would have been crying? If he were put in the chair and then led to the gallows where you could participate in serving up justice by pulling the trap door lever on the latest reality show on the GPL television network. Imagine the feels for that.

222For those of you who don’t know what I mean by “The chair”. We can learn much from the Joseon era. 

Kayla, as well as other members of Greenwood’s family, had urged for clemency for Williams and she wrote to Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson before the execution asking him to spare his life.
‘We are in no way asking you to ignore the pain felt by the victims of Mr Williams’ other crimes. We know what they are going through but ours is a pain that we have decided not to try and cure by seeking an execution,’ Kayla Greenwood wrote.
‘His execution will not bring my father back or return to us what has been taken, but it will cause additional suffering.’

This bitch should be punched right in the mouth. It’s bad enough that she’s trashing her dad’s memory by denying the justice that he deserves, she’s shitting all over the families of his other murdered victims who weren’t killed in a car crash but were intentionally murdered by this nigger. For what? Feels on social media? This is what our people have come to.

111                                                                                  What about this teenboon who he shot in the head while trying to “get da money”? Do you get so speak for her when you plead for this guy to be spared?

111What about this man who this nigger beat and then shot six times? Do you speak for him as well when you have the nerve to talk about forgiveness and healing?

Let me tell you something, this is not forgiveness this is posturing. Worse, it’s demanding that justice be thrown out the window so that you can gain more signalling points and applause from the gallery of fools on social media. There was once a time when blacks’ behavior was kept somewhat in check because they feared and respected us. Not anymore. Now no matter how brutally they rape or murder us, there always seems to be someone ready to step forward and weep on their behalf in the name of forgiveness.


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