In an update to a previous article, more details have emerged concerning the good boy who was trying to help an elderly lady around the track and accidentally murdered her. As you all know from the previous article, two old ladies were attacked and one of them murdered when they were attacked by a dindu for completely random unknown reasons while out for their daily exercise. Well in what comes as a shock to nobody, he was apparently trying to muh dick one of the grannies.

NORTH HIGHLANDS, Calif. (AP) — A young man was identified Friday as the suspect in the sexual assault and beating death of an 86-year-old California woman remembered as a hero by investigators and neighbors after she used a walking stick to try to stop an attack on her friend.

111                                                                                 He wuz gonna gets da geriatric white womenz. 

At the time I originally wrote this, I just assumed it was the regular because they hate white people motive, as this was in a very public place so I kind of discounted the muh dick motive. Silly me. When a negro buck is in rut, time and place matter not.

Neven Glen Butler, 18, was arrested the same day he was detained in an unrelated assault of a 92-year-old woman a few miles (kilometers) away, Sacramento sheriff’s Sgt. Tony Turnbull said. She was treated at a hospital for facial injuries.

There was once a consequence for this sort of behavior.

222                                   Cowboy hat dude: the smug Pepe of his time. 

Homicide detectives tied Butler to the sexual assaults of Fusako Petrus, 86, and her 61-year-old friend earlier Wednesday while both were out for a walk, Turnbull said. Petrus died after she was badly beaten. Her friend was treated for injuries.

The friend was the initial target of the early morning sexual assault on the running track of Highlands High School in the North Highlands suburb of Sacramento, Turnbull said.

Petrus was killed after she came back to help, hitting the attacker with what he described as “a small walking stick” to try to fend off the man.

“She died trying to help her friend,” Turnbull said.

There were other people present as well. They called 911. So brave. It’s pretty bad when an ancient Jap woman shows more bravery than you while you dial your smart phone. Faggots.

High-profile defense attorney Linda Parisi said late Friday that she just got the case and doesn’t have a lot of details, but that there’s much more to find out about Butler.

“The case is certainly a lot more complicated than it appears,” Parisi said. “There’s a lot more to find out about this young man and just the whole set of circumstances.”

Yeah I’m sure he had a typical really sad nigger background.

Petrus felt safe in the neighborhood, Hines said, recalling what she told people who worried about her: “‘I’ve got a friend who goes with me. And I’ve got a stick.'”


Yeah well, you can’t ever feel safe if there are niggers around. This is the price we pay in exchange for the positive things that blacks bring to our society such as……




Oh yeah, that’s right I can’t think of a single positive thing that niggers bring to our society, much less anything that makes up for putting up with the constant crimes they commit including muh dicking old ladies. It’s funny, in all of the many many interactions I’ve had with leftists who are so not racist, I have yet to find a single one who can actually give me a single unique thing that blacks contribute to our society. Perhaps that’s because there aren’t any. Which begs the question: then why do we do it and more importantly, what do we do about them?


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One thought on “UPDATE”

  1. “I’ve had with leftists who are so not racist, I have yet to find a single one who can actually give me a single unique thing that blacks contribute to our society.”
    Those same pathetic libturd proponents of vibrancy will be the first to cross the street when they see their pets approaching.

    I wonder (((who’s))) paying for the “high profile” attorney…

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