When Race Makes the Headline

As regular attendees here at the Semitic Truth Center know, I write about a lot of different black crime stories. Some of them are actually kind of funny in that they are so stupid but many are sobering and very brutal. The thing that all of them have in common is that they get basically zero national coverage in the U.S. media except in local media where it is covered as a local story. On the rare occasions where the stories are covered the other thing you can count on is that race will not be mentioned. The suspect will always be a “teen” or a “man” who attacked, raped or killed a white person for motives that are a complete and utter mystery. Now, for the naive one might think that this means that race is never mentioned in a story. Here’s where you are wrong. There are times when race is front and center in the news: when it’s a white guy.

White gunman with ‘a beer in one hand, a gun in the other’ opens fire on black pool party guests at luxury apartments – leaving at least one dead and seven hurt before cops kill him in San Diego

I have covered a ton of black crime and I have yet to ever, ever see a headline that read “Black gunman…….” anything.

A white gunman was shot dead by police after opening fire on black party-goers, killing a woman and injuring seven more people at a swimming pool of a luxury San Diego apartment complex on Sunday night.

I thought diversity and multiculturalism was supposed to make everyone love each other more though.

Police said there was no further threat after the suspect, later identified as Peter Selis, 49, was shot dead and eight victims were taken to local hospitals, with several in critical condition. Selis is a service technician at a Ford dealership, and filed for bankruptcy in 2015. He is a father of two and also has a step-son.

I also love how the media is johnny on the spot with every known detail of this guy’s life and yet, when the perp is a nigger all we get is his family talking about how he was a good boy and dis whole story be made up n sheeit because he wouldn do nuffin like dat.

111The evil working class white  man in question. 

Selis, a white male, was seen by a police helicopter reloading the weapon near the pool area, as witnesses claim he was holding a beer in one hand and the gun in the other.

They want to be sure that you catch that it was a WHITE MALE.

Four of the victims were African-American women, two were African-American men, and one was Hispanic. The man who injured his arm while fleeing was also African American.

Since the shooter is dead, I guess they plan to dig him up and try him post-mortem for a hate crime. You can also bet that at this moment, they are frantically searching to see if he visited sites such as this one or Daily Stormer.

111TFW you dindu nuffin but a crazy white man snaps and starts bustin a cap on a nigga. 

The luxury apartment complex boasts of sustaining a Mediterranean feel and offers apartments that range in size from studios to three bedrooms.
Prices range from $1750 – $1950 for a studio and up to $4,000 for a castello with a mezzanine area.

California is so nuts. Who the hell can afford those prices? Then to top it all off, you pay all of this money to live in up scale La Jolla and you still have to deal with coons in the pool.

111                                       He wouldn’t have snapped had it been these kinds of coons. 

Just in case you didn’t catch it in the article, the shooter was a WHITE MALE. Not a black, not a Moslem but a WHITE MALE. Now we can hear about this for the next two weeks about how this WHITE MALE shot up these blacks and browns out of pure hatred for the color of the skin. This was the top headline story on the major TV news networks this morning, BTW. The story about the dindu who killed an old Jap lady while she tried to defend an old white lady that said dindu was attempting to muh dick? No network TV coverage at all. I wonder why that is? Because I think it’s probably a safe bet to assume that you would be hearing about it had the suspect been a WHITE MALE.

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