Police Say Not Terrorism

We will have to wait and see how this develops but there has been another crowd crunching by vehicle, this time at an auto auction. The police are saying it’s not a terrorism (otherwise known as just another day with Moslems) but Grandpa Lampshade is skeptical. I’ll tell you why as we go through the story.

At least three people have died and 12 injured after a vehicle crashed through a Massachusetts auto auction building Wednesday morning, according to local reports.

111But was it Hajis?

Now I know right off that some of you are probably sitting there saying, “Yeah it was a car auction. The Jeep involved was probably a POS that went out of control.” Well let me tell you: Grandpa Lampshade knows a thing or two about cars. Modern cars do not have an accelerator cable, they’re all what is referred to as “fly by wire”. Thus, it is almost impossible for them to speed out of control with the accelerator hung wide open. The most common occurrence when this does happen, is the accelerator will get hung up on the floor mat, causing it to stick in the full open position. However at these auctions, the vehicles are driven very slowly, in a line by employees of the auction through the auction drive. Attendees can start them out in the parking lot before they are driven up to go through sale, so as to hear them run etc. but you are not generally permitted to drive them around the sale yard. I used to go to quite a few of these auctions years ago so I know how they operate and run. Do you know what there were tons of at these car auctions? Sand niggers, that’s what. This was back before I had reached the level of enlightenment that I have now and I remember thinking, ‘Where did all of these middle easterners come from?” I mean, the place was packed with them, jabbering their desert language and stinking up the place while spending money the government probably gave them to help them start a business.

Auction employee Woody Tuttle told WCVB that he heard tires ‘screeching’ when the ‘Jeep Cherokee went flying by me’. Tuttle said he then saw the vehicle strike several people.
Tuttle said the driver ‘avoided the cars and went on to hit the people who were standing between the cars’.

Here’s our next big clue and not exactly a subtle one. The driver avoided hitting any cars and was aiming for the people. I would say that’s a pretty big red flag.

111As is the case anywhere different racial groups come together, the Hajis tended to cluster among themselves. In this picture one of the victims being treated is obviously white. Just sayin’. 

But police don’t believe the incident was ‘intentional’.


Why the hell would they think this? Now, perhaps there is something they haven’t released yet, such as the guy behind the wheel of the Jeep had a heart attack which would pretty much explain most of this away as just a bad tragedy. However, if that were the case, why wouldn’t they be sharing that information? Another curious fact that pops up on Grandpa Lampshade’s radar is the fact that the name of the person behind the wheel is conspicuously missing from the story. Think about it: if the story is “Elderly white car dealer has heat attack behind wheel, crashing into crowd” why would they not just tell it that way? Again let me be clear: when I say those car auctions were crawling with Hajis, I mean crawling with them.

111Photo of Grandpa Lampshade at the car auction surrounded by Hajis, wondering WTF is going on. 

Now granted, this is all just speculation on my part. The police may investigate and release further information that brings everything into a more clear light but as things stand now, I’d bet my money on vibrant jihad.



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