Or As I Call It: Top Ten Reasons Why Women Should Never Listen to Other Women Giving Advice on Relationships

The title is a little misleading. I think that one of the important roles that fashy females can have is leading by example the herd of the sisterhood which drowns in non stop crap culture. A more accurate way to have worded the title would be to add the word “experts” in there but the title as is, is pretty long and honestly I felt the current title would be more triggering.


We live in a world where people have these completely unrealistic expectations as to what they can get and how their life should be. Nowhere is this more apparent then in relationships between the sexes. The message never seems to stop: “You can have it all! Keep waiting for that movie star handsome alpha male, after all you deserve it! You can always score a hotter babe!” and on and on it goes. The fact of the matter is, women you are not going to wind up with some sort of dream man that pushes all of your buttons and guys you aren’t going to wind up with the perfect waifu (unless you stick with 2D girls but that’s a different topic all together).


Granted, I’m having a little fun with this topic but the consequences of what we see are actually very serious. People need to understand that they aren’t celebrities and holding unrealistic expectations will more than likely lead you to waiting around so long for “the perfect mate” that you wake up one day to find that the world has passed you by while you were busy waiting around. So now to the topic at hand: we have an article with an “expert” explaining to women why they should wait around until their fertile years are past them because Mr. Perfect will no doubt come around after you’re 30.

Tall, dark and handsome sums up the dream man for many women.


But there are ten other defining qualities you should look for when seeking love.

A checklist, this should work out well. I think I will offset this so called expert’s top ten with some Grandpa Lampshade versions as well, for the LULZ. BTW here’s a link to this girl’s page. She looks like she’s maybe 25, a true expert no doubt.

1. He messages you to check you’ve gotten home safe – and stays awake until he knows you have.

Yes because if there’s one thing women dig: it’s clingy. Don’t forget, I’m throwing in the  GPL versions here along the way.

GPL 1. He actually bothers to drive you home instead of kicking you out of bed and telling you to call a cab.


2. He’s the man who doesn’t try and change you and loves you for who you are.

This will be read by 99% of those who buy into this shit as “He never points out your shitty behavior”.

GPL 2. Being with each other makes you both want to improve who you are (and here ya’ll all thought none of these were going to be serious).

3. He sends flowers to your office ‘just because’.

It’s funny, whenever I read shit like this there is never a part where they talk about what you should do for him.

GPL 3. He goes to your family functions even though he doesn’t like your family.

4. He motivates you to achieve more and be a better person than you already are.

How is this not in contradiction with #2? This sort of incoherent gibberish isn’t actual advice, it’s just crack for your feels.

GPL 4. He has a job.


5. He never makes you doubt how he feels about you and constantly reassures you that you’re the one for him.

LOL This is the total opposite of what women actually want in a man, though few will admit it.

GPL 5. He’s such a catch that you know if you take your shit testing too far he has other options.

6. He pays for everything out of respect and would never let you spend a penny on anything.

Muh equality……….right up until it’s time to pay the bill. So often when a woman says “I love you” it actually means “I love you……..paying for everything.”

GPL 6. If you are his wife and spend your full time raising his children, he understands that you have the most important and probably the hardest job in the household.

7. You still get butterflies when you walk into the room and see him.

Yeah and nothing gives you butterflies like him texting you constantly to be sure you’re ok, paying for everything and treating you like a princess that he doesn’t deserve. Seriously, who the hell writes this shit?

GPL 7. He makes you understand that actual “love” is that thing that comes after the instant hormonal rush to mate stage.

111Muh butterflies.

8. He isn’t afraid to kiss you in public.

Who the hell, man or woman, wants someone who is just hanging all over them 24/7 in public?

GPL 8. When it comes time to take you to that event you’ve been looking forward to going to and he finds out that it will be chock full of niggers, he cares enough to refuse to take you even though you whine about it and claim he must not love you.

9. He will always text you back – no questions asked.

That’s right ladies, if you want to find the man you will commit to spending the rest of your life with, you should base it on his texting habits. FFS Does he have a history of dependable behavior patterns and good genetics? Forget all of that, what really matters is if he texts you back no matter what kind of mundane shit you send him.

GPL 9. His phone is so unimportant to him that half the time he forgets it at home…..and never notices.

10. You’d proudly introduce him to your father.

That’s right, you have to bear with this drivel all the way to #10 to get to one that isn’t retarded. This one isn’t bad, it just needs to be worded a bit differently.

GPL 10. When you introduce him to your father, he’s proud.



Author: grandpalampshadeblog

Host of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day on www.radioaryan.com

4 thoughts on “Or As I Call It: Top Ten Reasons Why Women Should Never Listen to Other Women Giving Advice on Relationships”

  1. good one gramps! I would like to side with you on no.3.All we hear about is how the man should treat the woman.Send her flowers,romantic dinners(not cooking herself).But there is absolutely nothing about what women should do for their loved one.As you said “muh equality”.My wife keeps nagging me on how I don’t give her anything on valentines day.It’s either money or I forget but the recent years I’ve been getting that annoying accusation from her.Next time she brings it again I will tell her “heck!when did you ever gave me a present for valentines,or did some gesture of love”.No.6 as well.Didn’t they got “liberated” by the evil patriarchy because they can handle life on their own quite well…pay those bills and all.Paying the bill of a woman is a patriarchy thing to do.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The (((chosen))) have always known how to destroy our White Christian society, and they’ve effectively practiced it for 160+ years—Empower wymynz.
    That’s right. Get your own Women to break down your Nation, while White Men still put them on a pedestal. Give Women a voice and destroy your entire culture:
    -18th Amendment
    -19th Amendment(the worst one)
    -Get them out of the Home/nurturing role and into the workplace
    -Roe v Wade
    -Replace the old fantasy Soap Operas with dozens of wymynz-only empowering crap “reality” channels
    -Hear me roar, equality + convenience
    -Forget oppressive Motherhood, liberal mudsharking will ensure vibrant “we are the World” hand-holding
    -wymynz = the ultimate victimhood, our own White Men are the real oppressors
    -White Men WILL cuck to OUR victimhood status
    -White Men, and even their groid sports leagues will pink signal OUR victimhood status
    -Tug on the immigration heartstrings
    -Women in Combat, First Responders, etc.

    I could go on and on, but this is how (((they))) work.

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