Elderly Woman Tells Teens to Relax: Finds Out What the Term “Chimpout” means

Do you know what would piss me off? Paying all of this money to live in some apartment or condo with a pool and winding up having to put up with niggers. Think about it: you are paying for all of these amenities and what do you get? African jungle beats and spear chuckers gathered around the pool like it’s an African watering hole. One elderly woman forgot that the term “teens” when applied to blacks does not equate to a situation where you can tell these rambunctious kids to quiet down. She found herself in violation of the number one safety rule with all of the expected results that go along with it. 


The teen wanted for body-slamming a 68-year-old woman and then dragging her into a pool in a shocking viral video has turned himself into police.

Shocking? This is actually pretty tame stuff for niggers.

Leon Balfour, 16, turned himself into police Monday evening, saying ‘I messed up and I have to own up to it.’

Aw, you see? He’s really just a good boy who made a mistake.

‘I’m very happened that they caught the person,’ victim Nancy James told CBS Miami.

We’ll see how happy you are when you find out that all he’s going to get is community service and maybe probation.

Witness video shows the moment James stopped by a ruckus pool party in her townhouse complex Saturday evening to ask the teens to turn down the music.

111TFW you thought “teens” would have some respect for their elders. 

Several neighbors had called police to complain about the music, but sheriff’s deputies were slow to arrive. So James, who is the director of the board for the townhomes, decided to stop by to ask the teens to turn down the music herself.

Of course they are slow to arrive. Showing up to disperse a bunch of coons at the pool will only turn out as a no win situation for them.

111                                       If it were only this kind of coon, she could have simply used a broom so shoo it away. Then again, you could let it be because it wouldn’t be assaulting your ears with jungle music. 

‘We were just asking them, “lower the volume,”‘ James told WSVN. ‘I didn’t care what they were doing. It’s not my job to police the place.’

You may call it asking them to lower the volume but to niggers, it’s a case of you done disrespec dem. The only shocking outcome from this story is that she wasn’t raped.

Some of the partygoers then started to yell ‘Throw her in!’ and Balfour complied.

She needs to understand this: if they had started chanting “Drown her in da pool” he would have done that instead of simply slamming her to the ground and dragging her into the pool.

Balfour lifted James up and then body-slammed her to the ground, while she was still holding on to the leashes of her two dogs.
It’s unclear if Balfour meant to body-slam James or if he slipped.

He slipped? Yeah I’m sure that was it.

Either way, it didn’t stop him from continuing the attack. Once he got up, he dragged the woman into the pool with him. Her dogs were luckily able to escape before being pulled into the water.
The video ends with most of the teens fleeing the scene.



Here’s the thing, niggers don’t have any sort of concept of consequences or morality. The only reason we continue to tolerate having them among us is because the Jews have told us for years that we just have to….because. There’s never any real reason for it because there isn’t one. Yet……………………yet what the groids fail to realize is that when the day comes that whites realize they really don’t have to keep putting up with niggers anymore then this race war won’t last two weeks. In fact, the North American Pavement Ape could wind up on the endangered species list withing a month. What will we be missing without niggers? What do they contribute at all to our society that if they were no longer a part of our society, there would be something lacking? Nothing. Except now our elderly people could walk their dogs by the pool and actually be able to relax.


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