Matt Bai Openly Discusses Left’s Transparent Plan

Even after having lost the election in no small part due to the internet being a thing vs the left being able to control the narrative, they still soldier on, trying to peddle fables such as the Russians hacked the election. This is called self delusion and is one of the advantages we have against them. Their obvious plan that I’m pretty sure everyone with two brain cells has known for sometime now is to just wear the public down with fatigue so that the public will eventually just give them their way so that they will shut up. In this oh so clever piece, Matt Bai openly discusses this plan. Let’s take a look.

I was 6 years old when Richard Nixon resigned the presidency on a sweltering August day. One of my earliest memories is of sitting in the back of my mother’s Volkswagen Bug, listening to her and my grandmother discuss Nixon’s almost certain impeachment.

Ah yes Watergate, the high water mark for the left. In hindsight, Nixon didn’t really do anything wrong. The more I discover little tidbits such as him discussing how something needed to be done about these rat Jews’ influence and control of our country, the more I think that had a whole lot more to do with him being forced out of office than some stupid political spying thing.


What I mostly remember of that time, though, and I stipulate that this may come as much from the books I read later as it did from my own foggy experience, is an overwhelming sense of relief.

This is what counts as professional writing now: “What I mostly remember but well, I may not actually remember but it’s what I imagine I remember after reading about it over and over in college but it’s all pretty foggy so I may not remember at all”

Technically, Nixon’s crime had to do with plotting against his enemies and lying about it. But his unforgivable transgression lay in squandering the emotional energy of a country, dragging the electorate through an exhausting ordeal that seemed, increasingly, to be about nothing but his own survival.

What can we learn from Watergate? Never ever give the left an inch. When they actually managed to bring down a President, a precedent was set.

This is why the most resonant line from that period came not from Nixon or his accusers, but from the man who mercifully pardoned him. “Our long national nightmare is over,” Gerald Ford said, eliciting a national sigh.

In effect, he was giving grateful Americans permission to finally leave politics in the 6 o’clock news, where it belonged, and go back to their bowling nights and disaster movies.

Go back to sleep America, why can’t you just go back to sleep?

I’m reminded of this now not because I think there’s some perfect parallel between Donald Trump’s firing of the FBI director and Nixon’s savaging of his own Justice Department (which, by the way, I recounted in this January column, before Trump started firing everyone who was investigating him). We’re a long way from impeachment proceedings, and Trump’s latest move strikes me more as the imperious instinct of a tycoon than as the desperate lunge of a guilty man.

Don’t you just love how the left is running around now acting as though it is unprecedented that a President fired an FBI director? Here’s a question: if Comey was appointed by Obama, what happened to the guy that Bush put in there?

fbi-pepeThe next FBI director should reflect this, instead we’ll probably just get a Jew.

No, I go back to 1974 because, more and more, it seems to me that Trump is headed down the same broad path as Nixon, whether it ends in evidence of wrongdoing or merely in political paralysis. His undoing probably won’t be abuse of power or a cover-up, but rather our own inevitable, creeping fatigue.

This is the money shot of the article. The all so obvious strategy here is to just keep on and on until the American public once again gives the left what they want so that they will shut the hell up. They know the Russians didn’t hack the election and they know that Presidents fire FBI Directors all of the time. In fact, the Democrats themselves have been calling for Comey to be fired for months but none of that matters. What matters is that they keep on and on until you just give up in hopes that they will finally give you a moment’s peace from their whining.

In a sense, it was this same kind of national weariness that helped propel Trump to where he is in the first place. What so many voters didn’t like about the prospect of another Clinton presidency, aside from the whiny self-absorption of the candidate and her surrounding cast, was the near certainty of more never-ending drama.

Well, that and the idea that WWIII with Russia to protect ISIS seemed pretty retarded.

You can understand why a lot of Americans decided it was better to sit through a movie they hadn’t seen before, even if the reviews were dreadful and their expectations low, than to see the plodding, predictable show that would just go on and on until you decided to suffocate yourself in the popcorn bucket.

Yeah, he packed rally halls with enthusiastic crowds because the people were going with the lesser of two evils. Project harder faggot.

It’s not simply that this whole fiasco involving Russian hackers and Trump campaign aides has already spawned multiple investigations and isn’t going away anytime soon, especially since Trump seems bent on sidelining anyone who gets a foothold into the evidence.

Which evidence would that be? If you can make this statement then you should be able to point to some actual evidence, right? Otherwise it would appear that you are just pulling this out of your ass.

Do I think Trump fired Comey because he hadn’t managed to create some all-consuming controversy in a week? No. Clearly Comey wasn’t hearing the order to stand down, and Trump isn’t used to being challenged by people he employs.

Stand down from what? Investigating an obvious hoax that somehow Wikileaks works for the Russians or that now somehow internet Nazis are actually Russian agents? It really pays sometimes to take a step back and take a look at how retarded our opponents’ positions actually are.

But do I think he pulled the trigger when he did because he wasn’t dominating the narrative? Yes. If Trump isn’t holding an audience, dread envelops him.

Do you know one sure fire way to tell when someone is filling you full of shit? When they make a sweeping statement such as this based on a claim that they know what someone else is thinking or feeling that they have absolutely no way of knowing.

444Oh hey, who woulda thunk it? It’s a Jew again.  

Trump became president — in large part, I think — because his staff shoved him into a closet for the last few weeks of the campaign, forcing voters to focus more on his opponent than on whatever insane impulse floated into his sleepless brain.

Or perhaps the people actually thought they were going to get a wall, no more wars for Israel and no WWIII with Russia.

Americans really do want a radical reordering of the political system. But after a time, we appreciate normalcy, too. As Ohio’s governor, John Kasich, put it when I talked to him last week (echoing a line President Obama used to use): “At some point, the fever will break.”

So what then? The American people want a reordering of the political system but if you keep whining long enough they’ll just give up? I guess that could happen but then again, there’s always the possibility that something else might happen.



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