Remember When They Used to Tell Us That the Reason Blacks Did So Many Crimes Was Because of Poverty?

The excuses given to us of why blacks do the things they do are almost endless. Think about it for a moment: the left tells us that the reasons blacks do all of these non stop crimes and violence is because of racism, slavery, colonialism, poverty, lack of education and not enough money for dem programs. We on the other hand, simply point out that they are genetically inclined to these things because of low IQ, short time preferences and poor impulse control. If you unemotionally look at these two opposing views, it’s not hard to see which one makes the most sense. However the one that makes the most sense also has another name: racism and if there is one thing that is worse to admit to than any other in this society we now live in it’s racism.

NFL linebacker and former Rutgers University football star Khaseem Greene on Tuesday was charged in connection to a December shooting at a New Jersey nightclub.

He could play dat ball doe.

Hours later, the Kansas City Chiefs put Greene on waivers, which released him from the team and makes him available to any organization that would want him.

I’m sure the Dallas Cowboys are dialing his number as we speak.


Greene, 28, was charged with unlawful weapon possession in a December 3, 2016, shooting in Elizabeth, where he is from.
The football player was seen on camera handing a 45-caliber gun to another man who then fired into a crowd of people outside Allstar Night Club, according to court documents.

Wow. So in other words, he was doing the exact same sort of stupid shit that niggers that are broke in the hood do. Who woulda thunk it?

333                                                                                   I personally was totally shocked when I read that this happened. 

His co-defendant, Jason C Sanders was arrested on December 30, and in a volunteer statement he said Greene handed him the gun, which he admitted to shooting, reported.
Sanders was charged with aggravated assault, but the extent of the victim’s injuries was not known. He is also charged with possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, second-degree aggravated assault and third-degree aggravated assault.

Obviously a well planned out caper.

Greene was originally charged in the case on January 4 and then signed with the Chiefs on January 21.

Hey, who were they to let a little thing like being charged with a shooting get in the way of picking up a “kid” who can really play that ball?

The linebacker last played a game in 2014 for the Chicago Bears, who drafted him in the fourth round of the 2013 draft. He signed a four-year, $2.59 million contract as a rookie with the team in 2013.

$2.59 million dollars. So much for poverty being a contributing factor.


Greene was the Big East Defensive Player of the Year in 2011 and 2012, during which he was also a captain of the team.
Greene’s half brother, Ray Graham, is also a former star college football player.
He was a halfback at Pitt and went on to play one game for the Houston Texans in 2013 before going undrafted.
Their shared father, Raymond, has reportedly been in and out of jail for the last 26 years. He’s faced charges including drug and weapons possession as well as aggravated assault.

Wow so running with a ball and crashing into each other runs in the family…………..and so does crime. Now, I don’t mean to downplay the important contribution that watching blacks play with a ball brings to our society. It just seems to me that if we didn’t have blacks we could probably find some white guys who would be willing to take in over 2 million dollars to do it. Thus, I don’t really see how sports ball really offsets all of these other negative things that we have to deal with when it comes to having blacks in our society but hey, that’s just me. If you don’t agree then the next time you read some story about some random nigger raping or murdering someone just ask yourself the important question: yeah but could that kid play ball?




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