Well I For One Am Shocked

Sometimes you read a story that just hits you right out of the blue. Something so far out there that literally nobody on earth could have possibly seen it coming. It’s kind of like being blindsided by an asteroid out of nowhere. I suppose these things just happen from time to time but it can be so unsettling to see things that are so unpredictable turn up out of nowhere.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Former U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown could spend the rest of her life in prison after being found guilty of taking money from a charity that was purported to be giving scholarships to poor students.

111Nobody could have predicted something like this.

The Thursday verdict came after prosecutors outlined a pattern of fraud by Brown, 70, and her top aide that included using hundreds of thousands of dollars from the One Door for Education Foundation for lavish parties, trips and shopping excursions. She was convicted of 18 of the 22 charges against her, including lying on her taxes and on her congressional financial disclosure forms.

In places such as Africa, the political systems run by blacks are the model that the rest of the world strives to achieve. In fact, many European countries take junkets there to try to learn the secret to the high standards of political ethics that these kangz have managed.

“Corrupt public officials undermine the integrity of our government and violate the public’s trust, and that is why investigating public corruption remains the FBI’s top criminal priority,” FBI Jacksonville Division Special Agent in Charge Charles Spencer said in a statement.

Yeah well you may call it “corruption” but there is another word for what you are doing: “Racism”.

It was the final act in the downfall of Brown, who had represented the Florida district that included Jacksonville since 1993. Brown, a Democrat, was one of the first three African Americans to be elected to Congress from Florida since Reconstruction.

222.pngTFW the racists try to reverse all of the progress we’ve made. 

She watched the judge read each verdict in a silent courtroom with no visible reaction. She later left the courthouse holding onto the arm of a companion, surrounded by dozens of reporters. A few supporters shouted “We love you Corrine!” and “Keep the Faith!” as she silently made her way to a waiting car.

The concepts of corruption and integrity are white concepts. For blacks, there is only power. They don’t care if their politicians are corrupt even if they are ripping them off. They see a black politician simply in the context of one of their own gaining power and assume that the group itself will benefit from this.

Since her indictment last summer, she had been publicly defiant of the government’s charges, saying in a statement she was among black elected officials who have been “persecuted.”

Yes yes, I’m sure it’s total persecution.

333Dat face you make when dey be persecutin you n sheeit. 

Federal prosecutors said Brown and her associates used One Door to bring in more than $800,000 between 2012 and 2016, including a high-profile golf tournament at TPC Sawgrass. Brown’s indictment said the Virginia-based One Door only gave out one scholarship for $1,200 to an unidentified person in Florida.

Simmons said Brown ordered him to take cash and checks from One Door’s account. On dozens of occasions, Simmons said he was told to take out of One Door’s account the maximum $800 from an ATM near his house and deposit hundreds of it in Brown’s personal account. Sometimes he kept some for himself.

In case you were wondering………………


Brown testified in her own defense, saying she was left in the dark about the goings-on with One Door’s money, and blamed the theft on Simmons.

Brown said she left those details to Simmons and other hired staffers, and said she should have paid more attention to her personal and professional finances.

So she went with the “I don’t know noffin bout dat” defense. Good call if you ask me. One of the truly enlightening things I found about this story was the fact that you can go to jail for blowing funds that were supposedly for a scholarship fund, MILO should take notice. The other shocking thing is that a black politician in America would wind up acting just like a black politician in Africa. I’m beginning to fear there is a problem in the magic dirt community because our values seem to be not transferring to these other races as predicted.

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4 thoughts on “Well I For One Am Shocked”

  1. GET = the gift of prophesy!!!
    CBS poz-pus – What have you learned from your 1st 100 days? GET – How dishonest the media is. The same hour I red an article about a soap opera ‘groiming’ plot. The ITV (Israel TV, Libby) is Fake*ewsMedia, so I KNEW!!! the actor wouldn’t be the s***skin TW skittle that EVERY paedo groomer in a northern slum is. Sure enough – joogle image reveals the actor Chris Harper turns out to be the handsome nlond Nordic of Hollyweird FScript.

    In an era of universal suffrage where every idiot can vote we have to be aware of even crappy soaps. IdiotTeleVision is a master of manipulating idiots with ugly bearded YPD clowns who distract 70IQ imbeciles with crappy repetitive BS shi**ing & tidy while their daigjters are being gang-raped at the local skittle kebab. But so long as bearded tramp who comes 3rd in the local lit’s Worzel Gummidge-alike contest says purile crap a3yo finds amusing, you ‘cahn be doin wi dat fanceh pitic stoff’.


  2. “For blacks, there is only power. They don’t care if their politicians are corrupt even if they are ripping them off. They see a black politician simply in the context of one of their own gaining power and assume that the group itself will benefit from this.”

    Remember when a 50+% porch monkey populated Wash. DC re-elected mayor marion berry AFTER he was caught on FBI surveillance video crackin’ it up with a crack ho and going to prison? The pavement ape was still the mayor sitting in jail!
    LMAO, “shocking”.

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