Law Enforcement, the Black Method

I have written previously how when we have African politicians we wind up with Africa level politics. Well, today we will discuss what happens when you have African Law Enforcement officers. How many of you can predict the results?

An ex-Atlanta cop was indicted Friday on accusations that he helped a murder suspect escape arrest.

111                                                                                  Yes, I too was shocked to learn that this upholder of law and justice would do such a thing.

Tommy Williams, 26, was attempting to arrest Jabri Mathis, who was wanted in connection with the shooting death of a 50-year-old man, in May 2015 along with several other officers.

Only it turns out he wasn’t actually there to arrest him cause dat his homie n sheeit.

Williams was supposed to monitor one of the windows of a home on James P Brawley Drive where officers located Mathis.


The homeowner, Albert Patrick, told WSB-TV at the time that Mathis came running through the open front door as police were seen coming up behind him.
Patrick said the suspect went out the window and ‘jumped the fence’.

I bet that boy could really play ball.

According to the incident report, an officer behind the home saw someone running toward Griffin Street.

But when the officer asked Williams if anyone came out of the house, Williams allegedly told him ‘no’

He didn see nuffin!

333                                                                                 You didn’t see me, right homie?

Mathis was wanted in connection with the April 2015 shooting death of Gary Allen Mincy, whose body was found in his vehicle.

Yeah that sounds bad but what would be the true indicator of whether or not he would do something like this is the opinion of his mother. If she says he a good boy then we should just let him go.

The suspect was caught not long after he escaped from the home and was taken to jail on murder, assault and attempted robbery charges, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

It turns out that even though he could run like he be playin ball, planning out an ingenious escape plan wasn’t his forte.

A short time later, Williams was suspended from the department without pay after authorities accused him of allowing Mathis to escape out of the window.

Now up to this point in the story, I was wondering if he actually really didn’t notice the guy escaping. I mean, he might have been in deep philosophical thought about muh dick or something and just failed to notice the fleeing felonious groid.

Mathis eventually told officers that Williams ‘let me go’. ‘I ran right past him,’ Mathis said, adding that he knew the officer and that Williams was like an uncle to him.

Dat nigga like my uncle n sheeit dats why he let me go. Sometimes people will suggest that we should just have black cops patrol the black areas so the so called community can’t whine about racism every time one of their good boys gets shot. However what you have to bear in mind is that if you are going to do that, then you might as well simply wall off the black areas and let them cannibalize each other. Black cops will behave just like the one in this story only worse. They would simply be another gang on the block doing what black gangs always do. Concepts like Justice and law and order are white concepts and even though on some level blacks may enjoy the benefits of those concepts, you can rest assured that they don’t actually grasp them.


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