France Welcomes It’s New First Grandma


Well, I think France may have set a new record for creepy first couples. I get that when a young man is a teen, it all pretty much looks good but most guys grow out of that muh dick stage. This guy held on for dear life.

111         This is a pic of the couple when he was 15 and she was his 40 year old teacher.

They met when he was 15 and she was 40. Yeah, you know all of those stories where you read about how teachers get thrown in prison now for having sex with their students? Well I guess in France it’s a thing. Still, what’s with this guy? I worked with a guy many years ago who married his best friend’s mom. I asked him about it and the first thing he started to tell me was how she looked half her age when she was all dressed up and ready to go out on the town. My response was, “Yeah but after you get home all of that make up comes off and then… know”. His response?

sad pepe

Of course, the press is trying to play to the “60 is the new 30” crowd by going on about how great she looks, while every man that looks at them is like, “LOL WTF dude?!”

She made her first official appearance today as France’s First Lady in a powder blue power suit by Louis Vuitton.
And it seems Brigitte Macron, 64, may have looked to her American counterpart for inspiration as her ensemble today bore striking similarities to suits worn by both Melania Trump and Jackie Kennedy during their husband’s respective inauguration ceremonies.
The high school teacher defied her years in Paris today as she arrived at the Elysée Palace for the handover between outgoing President Hollande and her newly-elected husband Emmanuel, who is 24 years her junior.

Defied her years, huh? Let’s take a look.


Um, yeah not so much. And comparing her to Melania Trump?


LOL I wonder how it feels to be Macron and to look over at Trump who is in his 70’s and he has a younger and hotter wife than you do?

111         LOL oh yeah, it must feel just like that! 

As well as her meticulous approach to beauty, Brigitte, who is a grandmother, has an eye for youthful style, too.

Have you ever had anyone troll you by sending you a link to granny porn? Just think, the President of France’s life is just like that……….every day.

sad-pepe-with-mask                                                                    Ha ha! What? No man she looks great! I wouldn’t trade her for the world! She’s my high school (teacher) sweetheart! 

She has expensive taste and loves designer labels – her favourite being Louis Vuitton.

I’m thinking more like………….


Louis Vuitton’s collections are edgy and extremely fashion-forward, and the go-to label for younger stars such as Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne and Miranda Kerr.

Who knew? They also have a senior line as well!

Chantelle Znideric, award-winning Personal Stylist, said Brigitte has an ‘effortlessly chic’ look that most women can only dream of.
‘She dresses youthfully by wearing classic, well-tailored and feminine styles – such as the shift dress – to suit her shape. She also swears by skinny jeans, a style usually favoured by women half her age,’ she told Femail.

Skinny jeans help with those varicose veins.

111Hey baby, how about taking off those skinny jeans………….then again, please don’t. 


Now before you get to feeling a feel because Grandpa Lampshade is coming down so hard on this old bag, remember that as soon as Macron was legal age, she dumped her family and ran off with him. I get that women aren’t going to be young forever, that’s why it’s highly recommended that you try and stick with the husband you have, so you can grow old together. When I see stupid articles such as this, trying to convince women that they can somehow still look hot and men will still find them attractive when they are in their sixties, instead of trying to look classy and carry themselves with dignity as they age, well you can bet they will get the full on Grandpa Lampshade treatment. 60 is not the new 30 and telling women that they can piss their years away as though they have all the time in the world because age isn’t a thing is an evil lie. Sure she might have looked good to a horny teenage boy when she was 40 but now this guy is 40 and she’s a senior citizen. The hard truth is that time doesn’t stop for anyone and today Macron wakes up to find himself the President of a once great country……and married to a granny.

111                  Mr. President, have you seen my walker?





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3 thoughts on “France Welcomes It’s New First Grandma”

  1. Hah! Great pisstake. I’m 52, and I agree — this is “look good FOR your age” territory, not “pass for younger” territory. I’ve seen other gals in my generation who look great FOR their age — fit, vivacious, dress well (classy not slutty) etc. — but no mistake about it, they don’t look 30-something anymore. Nor should they feel like they have to keep trying to do so. And it is not just women — men have some rather unsightly effects of aging themselves. Bulbous ears, nose hair, belly flab — It cuts both ways.

    I think there’s another side to this equation though, and that is all the b/s out there telling women our only worth is in our looks and when that’s gone we can f*** off as human beings. There’s a whole other world out there, where real love exists — not perfect by any means, just real, not dependent upon lust or looks — and can stand the test of time. My advice to men and women alike is find it while you can, when you can, where you can. If it’s all about how you look or how much $$$ you earn, it’s not going to bear the stress of time or age.

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  2. To be honest… what was he thinking…? I understand that young boys might look at almost every female with lusty eyes… but marrying that lady…? Nigga please. He looks like he could dump grandma and marry a woman of his age… or a bit younger.

    Liked by 1 person

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