Fashy Frogcast Time


It’s already been a week so that means it’s time for another installment of Thoughts of the Day. As usual we will be discussing a broad range of topics but as you can guess from the picture, our main topic will be muh democracy. The entire facade is really beginning to wear and in the life cycle of democracy I believe world wide, we are seeing this thing entering a stage of steep decline. Democracy more than any other system of government is dependent on the people buying into the con that they have a say in the direction their country is going in. This of course supposedly  happens because you vote. The reality of the situation is entirely different and as more and more people vote for something different than what they’re getting, those in charge are now fully ignoring them and doing as they please. As this continues, the ruse that the people have a say in things will be exposed and the people will realize that democracy does not give them a say in the direction of their countries anymore than any other system of government.


Author: grandpalampshadeblog

Host of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day on www.radioaryan.com

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