Why I Still Haven’t Officially Exited the Trump Train

This article is going to wind up being one of those things that overlaps the show a bit, as I plan to discuss this next week but I really feel the need to go ahead and get this out there now. While there is no doubt that the Trump Presidency has been quite black pilling for many, I still haven’t officially exited the train. “Why is that?”you ask? Am I suddenly becoming a believer in muh democracy, even after the way I lambasted it in yesterday’s show? Is Grandpa Lampshade proposing that Trump is somehow playing inter-dimensional chess that we mere mortals just can’t comprehend? The answer to all of these questions of course is no. For the sake of making this easier, let’s break this down into different parts.

1. What happened?

6666            How did we go from this……………

333         …………..to this?

Sure those of us who didn’t buy into our own rhetoric only held limited hope for the Trump Presidency. Still, nobody could have predicted the disaster that ensued would come down as completely and as quickly as it did. So what happened? Remember, before Trump even took office, it was obvious that they were going to go all in on stopping him. It didn’t matter that Trump was at best, a somewhat moderate nationalist candidate, even just a little bit of putting our own interests first caused visions of lampshades and soap to go racing through the minds of the chosen. The Russians hacked the election hoax was put into gear and the  message was clear: we aren’t going to let you accomplish anything. I believe that what happened next was that two of Trump’s weaknesses were exposed and exploited. First, Trump prides himself on being a deal maker and second, Trump suffers from the same case of NAJALT (Not All Jews Are Like That) that so many others do. I believe that Trump thought he could make a deal with these rats to get them to back off so that he could accomplish some of the  things that he had set out to do. What happened next only comes as a surprise to someone not a Nazi.

2. What happened next.


In fear of being unable to accomplish anything and being over confident in his own ability to deal with people, Trump set out to try to make a deal with the ((devil)). First, he filled his cabinet with all sorts of kikes with his kike son in law at the forefront. As a sufferer of NAJALT syndrome, he thought that his Jews would act as a firewall against the attacks from those other Jews. This of course was a foolish notion and serves as a warning as to the ultimate fate of all of those who suffer from NAJALT syndrome. Instead of creating a kosher firewall to stop the onslaught of Jewish attacks, all he had essentially done was invite the enemy into his own camp. Predictably, things got increasingly worse. The flood of damaging leaks to the ((media)) didn’t decrease, they  increased exponentially. At the same time, he ratcheted up the anti-Russia rhetoric and dropped bombs on Syria, tossing in something else his opponents wanted. You will notice that when these things occurred, the Russians hacked the election hoax began dying off and there was a brief pause in the storm. However, this was just the lull before the tidal wave.

3. His enemies had other plans.


This is why we always draw a hard line in the sand when it comes to Jews. The odds of them eventually kiking you over are so much greater than any potential benefit they could bring to you that it is just not worth it. Trump had been manipulated into isolating himself. By ratcheting up his anti Russia talk, bombing Syria, showing a lackadaisical attitude about the wall and not pushing harder for his Moslem ban, Trump killed all of the enthusiasm from his base. Black pills were the order of the day. People began jumping off the Trump train left and right. Once this became clear, not only did they bring back the Russians hacked the election hoax, they piled on with everything but the kitchen sink, including claiming that the routine firing of an FBI director was an impeachable offense. Trump then found himself without the one thing that brought him through all of those attacks during the election: furious energized support from white America. He had fallen into the trap.

4. So what about Grandpa Lampshade?


So why haven’t I officially bailed from the train? Now granted, I’m not shilling for Trump nor have I openly supported him for some time now but I have maintained my official Trump train position as having my bags down and waiting to get off at the next station. Yet, I am technically still on board. Why?


For starters, a pretty good baseline to operate from since we never have all of the information we would like to have, is that if the Jews are against something, it’s probably something we should support. Every time I turn on the TV and see these Jews or their shabbos lackeys crying “Anudder Watergate!” about Trump, my instincts say that we should support him. In this struggle, we take our victories piecemeal where we can get them. Is Trump going to do any of the things he promised? I’m skeptical and yet the Jews and other assorted Marxist trash are obviously worried about something. If Trump winds up with better relations with Russia but does absolutely nothing else he promised, are the better relations with Russia not a victory? In other words, just because you don’t get everything you want doesn’t mean you should overlook the smaller victories you do get. I have no idea how this plays out because Trump himself, in falling for the trap set for him has drained all of the energy from his base. Still, my instincts say that if the likes of Jew Shumer and shill McCain are screaming for his head, then it’s probably not in our interest for them to get what they want.

5. So what should Trump do?

donald trump sad pepeTFW you backed yourself into a corner and now you don’t know what to do. 

Trump got himself in this hole and now it’s going to be up to him to get out. We can’t do it for him at this point and unless he makes some serious moves, this thing will be officially over by the end of this year. He needs to realize that his Presidency is literally on the line. Those who are downplaying this impeachment talk are foolishly remembering how the Clinton impeachment went nowhere back in the 90’s. Trump is increasingly finding himself isolated and without any support from any direction. So what should he do? He needs to understand that there is no making deals with these people. Making deals only works if both parties want to come to some sort of mutually beneficial agreement. He needs to understand that what got him though the previous attacks during the election wasn’t his high intellect but support from an energized base. At this point, he is in a do or die situation but the good part of that is he basically has nothing to lose. He should unceremoniously fire every single Jew in the White House, starting with his Jew son in law. From cabinet members down to the secretary, every Kike out. All of these people serve at the will of the President and can be fired at anytime without any reason given. This will send a message to his base that he has learned his lesson and is headed in a new direction. This will also end the non stop leaking to the ((media)). If your opponents are going to attack you over every little thing you do, you might as well go big and give them something big to go on about. He should reinstitute the Moslem ban and when the courts try to strike it down he should openly disregard their decrees. The courts are a facade that has no enforcement power. If Trump blows them off, there isn’t anything they can do about it except whine about muh Constitution. As Commander in Chief, he should start assembling an elite military force that can be deployed anywhere in the world on a moment’s notice and keep them stationed near the White House. If these kikes want to bring up visions of Nazi Germany over everything they don’t approve of, I say give them a vision of Nazi Germany. The Congress right now is trying to play the role of moral authority but it’s a lie. Every poll for decades has shown that the people loath the Congress. If Trump can re-energize his base and get the momentum of support back the message to this Jewish controlled Congress will be clear: I could send my elite troops in and arrest you and the country would cheer to be rid of you. My predication is that you would see Jew rats fleeing to Israel and bought out traitors looking for a place to hide without Trump actually having taken any direct action against them. Now, will President Trump take any of this advise or any of these actions? Probably not but as long as his mere presence in the White House triggers the Jews and other Marxists, I don’t see any reason for jumping off the train just yet.

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