I Must Be Getting Old

pepe old

Honestly, some days I look around and feel like a fossil. The funny thing is contrary to my moniker, I’m really not that old or at least I don’t think I am. Then again, I guess maybe all old people think that they’re really not that old. Whatever the case may be, today is one of those days. There has been quite a bit of discussion in our movement for sometime and it seems even more so lately when it comes to relations between the sexes. It’s so sad that something that we shouldn’t even have to think about because it should come about naturally, yes even this simple thing has been so warped and twisted in our society that now we have to have long debates and discussions about it. When it comes to opinions on this matter there is everything out there from the latest White Sharia meme, whether or not it’s ok to slip off a condom to impregnate a woman (yes we’re having this conversation now) to total white knight faggots who continue to place Muh Aryan Princess on a pedestal and think it is their job to defend the honor of every faceless female on the internet whose honor they judge to have been impugned. I’m sorry but I refuse to have a serious conversation about whether or not, much less how to stealthily slip off a condom to knock some broad up (broad is old people talk for women LOL).

111                                                           Sorry but I am totally not doing this shit. 

So what kind of feel is all of this making me feel? One of confusion to be honest. I really don’t understand why everyone is making this shit so hard. I’m sorry white knights but women are not goddesses who should be revered and admired as the embodiment of all things pure nor are they strange alien monsters looking to suck the very life out of us. They’re just…….well……..women. That’s it.  Quite being frustrated because they don’t act and think the way you do. If they did they would be men which would make us all faggots. Do I think that the traditional roles of men and women should be restored? Of course I do I just don’t remember when it was our white tradition to constantly refer to women and sluts and whores. Yes, I get the concept of over the top rhetoric to drive the message into people’s thick sculls but again I just don’t understand why this is so hard for people. You want to restore the roles of women and men to their traditional place in nature? Men, stop acting like faggots. You don’t need to justify what you do to women, just do your thing. If she disagrees with you on something don’t write a two page essay to her explaining how you value her as a person and a human being and you want to be sensitive to her needs but but but………..

pepe-tea-cup                                                                                                     I’m sorry sire but that sort of thing is pure faggotry. 

FFS stop with that sort of faggotry. Act like a man FFS. On the flip side of this, women stop acting as though your entire self worth is in somehow proving you can do anything a man can do. I have news for you: you can’t. Get over it. I don’t know exactly what the hell you think you’re doing when I see this but trust me, men don’t see you as actual competition when you do this shit, simply as a nuisance. Let be break it down as simply as I can: men who are attracted to masculine traits (and yes, trying to compete with men on their level reflects masculine traits) are called faggots and women who are attracted to feminine traits (guess what spending 24 hours a day losing sleep over what she’s feeling right at this moment is) are called lesbians. Since I’m assuming for the sake of this discussion that we aren’t dealing with those subsets I hope this illustrates how screwed up what so many of you have been doing is. I had two different women contribute music to the past two shows and it was a great contribution. In fact, I’ve probably had more feedback over the music than I have on the shows themselves. In my earlier article with the video of NR doing their great work, I saw a few women in those ranks and I’ll be frank, the NR is light years ahead of where we are here in the States, especially when it comes to looking like a serious opposition.

Now some may read this article and perceive it as some sort of attack on those with another point of view. Well you’re wrong, this is simply my opinion and the truth as I see it. BTW if you don’t think people can have a difference of opinion on a topic without it being some sort of emotional personal thing than those are feminine traits and if you’re a guy that means you’re acting like a faggot. This is simply my opinion on a topic that for the life of me, I don’t understand why everyone seems to making so complicated. Then again, maybe I’m just getting old.


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