Cuck Mayor Tries to Honor Good Boy, Forgetting That He Was a Cop Killer

Yeah sure, I get sick of niggers. I get sick of all of the crimes they do and all of their never ending whining about how somehow they are the real victims no matter what they do. Yet one thing I am more sick of than niggers, is cuck white people in positions of power bending over backwards to try to reinforce NANALT. Well today on the lunch menu here at the Semitic Truth Center, we have irony with a side of kek for desert.

The mayor of Cincinnati teared up during his apology to the city’s police officers Thursday after accidentally approving a proclamation that honors a man who killed an officer in 2015.


Oh it gets better. Turns out it wasn’t a simple mistake, the Mayor got trolled by the good boy’s family and it worked.

Mayor John Cranley tearfully apologized at the police union hall, saying the proclamation, which honored Trepierre Hummons, had been stamped by a new staffer.

Yeah way to show leadership: throw a low level staffer under the bus. You know the staffer’s orders are basically, “Find me some nigger we can honor to show these stupid blacks that we’re not evil racists.”

Hummons shot and killed police officer Sonny Kim in June of 2015 before being gunned down by another officer.

111                                                                                  This guy? You’re trying to tell me this guy did something like this? No freaking way! 

The proclamation said that June 1, 2017, would be known as ‘Tre Day’ in honor Trepierre Hummons and mental illness, reported CBS.

Yes, “Tre Day”. This is what has become of our once great cities SMDH

Officer Kim was a 27 year veteran of the department, and was killed after officers were called to the scene of a man with a gun in Madisonville, Ohio, on June 19, 2015.
After the incident, Hummons ex-girlfriend told police that: ‘He felt alone. He had gone through a lot, he wanted to put himself in a situation where he would die.’

So he had a gun and wanted to kill himself so………………he shot a cop so the other cops would shoot him. Can’t argue with that logic.

222Yeah sure I honored some nigger who I thought was just some random nigger and he wound up being a cop killer but don’t worry cops, I’ve totally got your back. Here, in a sign of strong leadership, let me cry like a bitch in public and blame it on a staffer. 

Mayor Cranley said that the request, which was submitted by Hummons’ father, did not mention his full name. It was meant to honor his commitment to fighting mental illness, which he said took his son’s life. 

It was also meant to recognize the work of a foundation that bears Hummons’ name, and was started by his father, which helps people who are struggling with mental illness.  

I’m willing to bet at the cop’s funeral, the mayor was saying something like, “We will never forget him and his brave sacrifice……” Yeah well about that…..

333This is what raising awareness about mentally ill niggers looks like. 

They come out with these proclamations to supposedly honor somebody for some great achievement, yet they wind up honoring a cop killer. How does this happen? I mean, if the person being honored has really done something worth being recognized for it would make sense that the Major and the entire city hall would be aware of what this great contribution was. No. What happens is they just want to honor some black so they can get signaling points for how not racist they are. In proof that God has a sense of humor, they wind up once again proving the Nazis right.

multi-smugI make being right look easy but trust me, it’s a lot harder than it looks. 


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2 thoughts on “Cuck Mayor Tries to Honor Good Boy, Forgetting That He Was a Cop Killer”

  1. LMFAO
    Here’s an outline:

    Le happy merchant- “Need muh divershitty!”(a la Saturday Night Live skit “I gotta have more cow bell”)
    Gubmint shabbos goy to his butt-kissing gopher- “What ever happened to that porch monkey janitor down in the basement?”
    Gopher- “willie be ded.”
    Gubmint shabbos goy- “Any coon out there working? Just one niglet passing the 3 R’s without relaxed standards?
    Gopher- LELZ!

    Gubmint shabbos goy- “Search far and wide! Find me a nigger that hasn’t…”
    -he beez a gud boi…Sorry
    -aspiring rap star and drug distributor…Sheeeiit
    -chimpouts…That ain’t happening
    -knockout game allstar…Are you fuckin kidding?
    -muh dick rapes White Women…Damn, try again
    -ok, well at least some pathetic pavement ape that ain’t murdered a cop…Yeah! That’s the ticket! Now we’re talkin!

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