Nazism: A Point of Clarification For Normies


I love the above meme, it’s one of my favorites. However it never fails that whenever I post it, some normie comes along with Wikipedia and the silly silly idea that I didn’t know that there was a Moslem Waffen SS.

111A Moslem Chapter of the Waffen SS? Who knew?

I find this funny on several levels. First off, as a real life Nazi, one would think that it might dawn on these people that I am, in fact aware of this piece of history. Odds are you are not going to find something in Wikipedia about Nazi history that I don’t know about and honestly you just make yourself look silly trying to play gotcha in this manner. The second thing I find funny about this is how people will counter with this little historical tidbit, completely oblivious that they are destroying their own constant narrative that National Socialism = white supremacists that hate every other race and want to exterminate them from the face of the earth or turn them into slaves to serve the master race.

Here’s the thing though, if I say “Communism” what does that mean? Does it automatically mean Stalin? If I was an antifa fag and walked around in a hammer and sickle tee shirt, how many normies would counter with “Stalin!”?

222I’m sure this dude is totally thinking, “Stalin all the way man!”Actually he’s probably just thinking “Muh Weed”

It never ceases to amaze me that the average person can grasp that Communism in China for instance, is not identical to Communism in the old Soviet Union. I mean do you think when the Chinks were working on the latest trade deal to take advantage of our corporations’ greed that they stopped everything to debate if this were something that Stalin would do? Yet, when you say “National Socialism” everyone acts as though you are going to do some sort of witchcraft ritual to try and raise Hitler from the grave so we can recreate an exact duplicate of National Socialist Germany.


The reason the meme triggers you so is because on an instinctual level, you know it’s true. Teresa May, Angela Merkel or even Donald Trump aren’t going to turn the downward spiral of your nations around. In fact, after the latest terrorist happenings in Britain, what was the response of your democracy governments? The same response you always get, “We are strong and we will keep importing more terrorists into the country because to not import more terrorists into the country means the terrorists win”. It’s the same game over and over again. The unpleasant truth is that your democracy governments aren’t going to stop what is happening as they are the vehicle through which it is being facilitated. So if democracy isn’t the answer to turning this thing around, what is? A good hint is to look at the system that those who are invested in maintaining the status quo work the hardest to demonize and it sure ain’t Communism.


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