Like the Jews, the Media Can’t Figure Out What’s Wrong With Everyone Else

Ah the Judenpress, just like the Jews themselves they can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong with everyone else that makes everyone else hate them so. I wrote yesterday about the congressional candidate in Montana who the little neckbeard (alleged Jew) fag was whining and complaining claiming that he had slammed him to the ground. Well guess what: the guy won his election.


Sadly, I saw on the news this morning where the guy took someone’s shitty advice and came out and apologized (we will discuss why this is so stupid on the next Thoughts of the Day program) but that’s not what I want to focus on here. What I found entertaining about this whole thing is the media’s complete lack of self awareness. The Congress has polled horribly with the people for the past 20+ years but there is one other entity that always polls even worse than Congress: the media. It’s so entertaining to see the media react when the delusional image they have created for themselves runs into reality. You see, in the minds of these so called journalists, they are the protectors of free speech holding those in power accountable for their actions. Yet if this is the case, why does the citizenry hate them? They never stop to ask themselves this question. Then again, we don’t call them the Judenpress for no reason.

The case of a Montana congressional candidate accused of body-slamming a reporter is being blamed by some media watchers on a wave of hostility toward journalists that President Donald Trump helped generate.

LOL They think it’s Trump!

“It definitely started before Trump, but he definitely exacerbated it,” said Kelly McBride, a vice president at the Poynter Institute, a media think tank and training center in St. Petersburg, Florida.

But why does everyone hate you though?

For months, Trump, first as a candidate, now as president, has attacked the media, calling it dishonest, branding it the “enemy of the people” and accusing it of putting out “fake news.”

But all of those things are true. Do you think that might have something to do with the lack of credibility that you have? Now, let’s stop for a moment before we go further and look at this article and who wrote it. This story is from AP, a supposedly legit totally not fake news source, right? Since it has such an air of intellectual superiority, surely the journalist is very well versed in the topic at hand, right? Right? Well about that…………..the upstanding journalist penning this fine piece is one Tamara Lush. Granted, just from the name you might think it’s a porn star and TBH, you wouldn’t be far from off. So who is this Pulitzer Prize level journalist? Did she earn her chops working the crime beat in some big city somewhere? Did she first gain attention by discovering a corruption scandal at City Hall? Ha! No. She writes soft porn for women.

111                                                                                        Looks totally sane to me! 

I know, some of you are thinking, “Come on GPL, you’re exaggerating right?”


Mic drop.

This is the credible reporter writing articles about heavy political topics for the Associated Press now days. When some leftists is like, “Hey Grandpa Lampshade, what makes you think you’re qualified to be writing articles when you’re not like a legit journalist or something and have you seen muh weed man?” I’m like, “LULZ why the hell not? Oh and yeah, I saw your weed. Someone left it over there in that oven, waaaaay in the back.”

During the White House campaign, reporters at Trump rallies were often confined to a penned-in area, vilified by the candidate and subjected to such insults and threats from his supporters that some members of the media feared for their safety. At one rally, a man was photographed in a shirt that read, “Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some Assembly Required.”

333I’m more of a “Gas the Kikes race war now” kind of guy but it’s not bad for a noob. 

Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was arrested during the campaign on battery charges for grabbing a female reporter. A Florida prosecutor later dropped the charge.

Yes and we all remember why the charges were dropped; because they turned out to be totally made up bullshit. “What do these crazy Nazis mean by calling us fake news?!” well gee, I just don’t know.

On Wednesday, Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate for a House seat in a special election Thursday, was charged in Montana with misdemeanor assault for allegedly grabbing Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs by the neck and slamming him to the ground after Jacobs asked him about the GOP health care bill.

This totally sounds like there couldn’t be more to the story here.

111This is all that stands between us and corrupt power taking over………LOLOLOL

“The attack in Montana is only the crudest and most visible expression of the rising hostility toward the media,” Jonathan Turley, a constitutional law expert at George Washington University, wrote in an email. “The chilling fact is that half of the people seeing the Guardian reporter being beaten may actually — if privately — relish the image.”

Privately? Ha! I’ve openly mocked this faggot whining like a bitch. But let’s go ahead and take what you say at face value for just a moment: if half the population relishes the image of some neckbeard alleged Jew faggot getting slammed to the ground then that would tend to indicate that there might be something wrong with the  media itself.

McBride said that while the hostility toward the media really began decades ago with talk radio and the rise of Fox News, Trump has stoked it.

This is the sort of nonsense you get when these people on some subconscious level realize there is a trend happening here but can’t bring themselves to face what it is.

9999Hey media the good news is this Trump stuff is just a phase the people are going through. Would you like for me to give you a hint as to what’s coming next?

“Reporters are subject to abuse all the time. Most of it’s verbal, but it’s not hard to imagine some of that verbal abuse transitioning to physical abuse, especially when you have the president calling journalists scum, bad people, evil people and ‘enemies of the people,'” McBride said.

Wow, it sounds like the media is being scapegoated when they haven’t done anything at all and are completely innocent. Where have I heard this before?


Carlos Lauria of the nonprofit Committee to Protect Journalists wouldn’t draw parallels between the U.S. political climate and what happened in Montana. But he said, “I think this incident sends an unacceptable signal that physical assault is an appropriate response by an unwanted question by a journalist.”

Except nobody believes that is what is happening. Journalists openly act as an arm of the left then get in people’s faces and are disrespectful then want to cry “Muh journalism” when someone calls them on their bullshit.

Turley said something more chilling than the recent clashes between politicians and reporters might be underway.

“The White House has admitted that it is actively studying new avenues to increase the liability of journalists. President Trump reportedly pressed former FBI Director Comey to arrest reporters using leaked information,” he said. “I don’t think the U.S. media has ever faced this type of concentrated threat that runs the gamut from physical to legal actions.”

He added: “I’ve tended not to be alarmist, but I think there’s a real danger here.”

Oh no! If the media gets caught knowingly lying to slander people or giving out classified information they could get sent to jail! I dunno, seems like perhaps ya’ll should be policing yourselves a bit better. You know one of the old rules of journalism used to be that the reporter should never be a part of the story. However now days, they go out of their way to be the story itself. Why? All to promote the Marxist agenda when it’s not possible to subtly insert it into the story itself. They all think they’re really smart and that if they just double down a little more, they’ll be able to get everyone to go along. Other possible outcomes never cross their minds.


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