Still Waiting For the Government to Protect You?

I keep making this point and in fact, I reiterate it on tomorrow’s show: your government leaders are not naive fools who think that somehow importing these people will make them just like the native citizens. This is an intentional plan. Your government is not on your side, they have openly sided with the invaders. So now that you are on your own, what are you going to do? Call the police? Let me know how that turns out for you.

A major shake up is underway in Germany after police refused to take seriously a 999 call from a young man who called in to say his girlfriend was being raped yards from him.

“999 what’s your emergency?”

“Yes, please send help! An African nigger is raping my girlfriend!”

“LOL yeah right as if that would ever happen. Let me tell you how much trouble you could get in for prank calling emergency services young man……….”

The officer who took the call did not believe the desperate man on the other end of the line, and said: ‘You are not messing with me I hope?’

The officer probably figured it was some evil native racist trying to make immigrants look bad.

111                                                                                            Nobody could have predicted it! 

The terrified boyfriend had been threatened with a machete when the Ghanaian refugee entered the tent he shared with his girlfriend at a campsite near Bonn and told to remain where he was.
The attacker dragged the girl a few yards into a meadow at the Siegaue Nature Reserve and raped her.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that at some point in all of this, the nigger would have had to put down the machete or in some other way was distracted and yet, the boyfriend sits there calling the police? What a pussy.

But the boyfriend had a hard time getting police to take him seriously.

Of course. Nobody would find it remotely believable that an African nigger would rape a white woman.

‘Hmm,’ was the first reaction from the female police officer on the line. ‘Where exactly is this rape happening?’ she added.

Good thing the evil racist patriarchy isn’t in charge anymore.

111                    What’s that? You want me to believe these guys would be capable of raping a white woman? Well I guess there could be a few bad apples in there but let’s not jump to any conclusions. 

The man was forced to watch as the attacker violated his 23-year-old partner – and the police never arrived.

At some point our governments will realize how insane this is and stop importing all of these people! Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

The 26-year-old boyfriend eventually scooped her up and began walking with her along a main road looking for help.

Yeah you’re a regular knight in shining armor dude.

He called police a second time – and again they did not take their account of what happened at face value.

“Listen sir, if you don’t stop calling us with these racist claims we may have to come put you in jail!”

Finally, nearly 30 minutes later, officers arrived and the victim was taken to hospital.
Frank Piontek, spokesman for the Bonn Police, conceded that the ‘incoming official in the control centre, after our findings, did not initially correctly categorize the circumstances of the first call and reacted inappropriately in her language.’

Yeah, sounds like they’re totally going to come down on that officer…………not.

The second call was also not handled properly, he added, saying a major review of procedures is underway following the attack in April.

How do you know when they are totally going to blow you off and not take you seriously? When they say they are going to “review procedures”. I wonder if this young couple were a part of the “Refugees welcome” crowd? If so, I wonder how they feel now. It amazes me how some people simply insist on learning things the hard way. How many years now have we Nazis been sounding the alarm that this is what would happen when you let all of these people in? Yet, we have been shouted down and insulted time and time again even as our very predictions have come true over and over. Stop buying into the idea that your governments are shocked that this is happening. They are the ones holding the gates open so these invaders can come in and rape and pillage and what: you’re going to believe them as they stand there still holding the gates open saying, “Oh wow, so sorry that’s happening to you. A few bad apples I guess lol”? These people didn’t become leaders of nations by being stupid so the only reasonable conclusion you can come to is that this is intentional. Whether their actions make any sense to you personally or not is totally irrelevant. It simply is what it is. Now that you are faced with this reality, what are you going to do? Perhaps a good starting point is to look to those who have been warning you about this for years in the face of ridicule from those who are subjecting you to this very thing. Perhaps in the past even you yourself have taken part in mocking those who have warned you of this outcome. There’s no shame in admitting you are wrong, only in knowing the truth and still refusing to change course because of your pride or cowardice. The answer to this is out there, now it’s time to grab a hold of it.

6666Do you know what you don’t see in this picture? African niggers out to rape your women, that’s what. 

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2 thoughts on “Still Waiting For the Government to Protect You?”

  1. Things are getting too cucked, there in Germany. The Weimar Republic it’s an example of shining virtue, compared to the actual Germany. The Germans are spiritually broken, and de-Nazification was meant exactly for that.


  2. (((they))) open our gates while pilfering our $$$ for (((their))) big beautiful wall, and (((their))) cucks be cucking.
    I pack a gun because a SECOND responder is just too damn heavy.

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