Ladies and Gentlemen, We’ve Found the New Replacement Word For the Generic “Man”

The media, in their never ending quest to minimize the behavior of blacks have had to use the generic term “Man” used in the context of “A man shot party goers over a dixie cup Saturday night…..” Sadly, this ploy has become all too obvious as even the most racially blind consumer of the news has come to notice that 9 times out of 10 “Man” actually = “Blacks”.

around-blacks-never-relax                                                               “Around a man, never relax!” 

Add to this that by simply using the term “A man” it equates blacks with men in general who are the reason that the world is such a terrible place, thus twice oppressing blacks almost as bad as slavery. Well, say goodbye to those days because we’ve found a new uplifting term to use in reference to blacks on the ever so rare occasion that they dindu nuffin but are still accused of doing crimes.

Rapper, 19, is arrested after two men are shot dead in an argument over a tight parking space in Miami’s South beach during rowdy Memorial Day celebrations

Journalistic brilliance. This makes perfect sense when you think about it. If you grab any random nigger off the street in any random nigger neighborhood and ask him, “Yo dawg, wut u do to earn da benjamins” and he’ll tell you he’s a rapper.


Rapper Jeffery Alexander, 19, has been accused of fatally shooting Ladarian Tyrell Phillips, 30, in the back in South Beach, Miami, on Sunday.

Dat nigga done disrespec him over dat parkin space yo.

The brawl escalated after Alexander and three friends in a white BMW tried to parallel park in a tight spot along Ocean Drive – and struck a parked gold Buick Regal.
The driver inched forward and struck the car ‘a couple more times’ and then ‘began force pushing the Buick back in an attempt to move it’, according to the arrest warrant.

Because you know, finding another parking space would have been oppression.

111                                                                                 Another amazing rap career, cut short. 

The Buick owner was standing across the road and ran over with another man to confront the other driver.
He asked the driver of the BMW ‘how many more times he was going to hit his vehicle’, sparking an argument.

You just know it was more like some sort of gorilla dominance competition with bix nooding and dick grabbing.

The BMW’s driver then yelled at the Buick owner to ‘step the f*** back’, and handed a gun to Alexander, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, according to the report.

I’m sure this fine young man’s reaction was, “What is this? Why would you hand me a firearm? This is just a parking lot dispute and really, you are partially to blame my friend since you did hit this other man’s car”

Police said Alexander fired three shots as the BMW pulled away from the parking space.

Oh. I guess not.


Mr Phillips, of Homestead, Florida, was fatally shot in the back and the Buick’s owner was shot in the leg, police said.

Wow, he actually hit what he was aiming at. This was an exceptional rapper indeed.

The BMW crashed into two police cars several blocks away, but it didn’t stop completely until confronted by two officers, who fired at it, said police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez.

Grand Theft Auto: Rapper.

One suspect in the car, who is unidentified, was shot and died at a hospital.
Three other suspects in the car were detained, including one apprehended by a K9 officer after fleeing the scene on foot, police said.
The Buick’s owner identified Alexander as the gunman, according to the arrest report.

LOL So the rapper driving the Buick handed the gun to the rapper Alexander who busted a cap on a nigga and when the cops stopped them, the rapper driving the Buick is like, “Mane I dindu nuffin it was that rappa over der done shot dem rappers”


Crowds packed South Beach for Memorial Day weekend events, including an air show featuring military jets speeding over the neighborhood’s famous beaches and Art Deco buildings.
Officials have said the events were proceeding calmly, though a Georgia man was arrested for allegedly firing a gun at an occupied taxi cab Saturday night in South Beach, wounding a passenger inside the vehicle.

Be patient. The implementation of the word “rapper” in place of the word “man” will take some time for everyone to get used to.

333    In case anyone cares, this is what non rappers were doing on Memorial Day. 

In past years, the Memorial Day weekend was marked by mayhem leading to hundreds of arrests, while traffic jams overwhelmed the island city.

How much less mayhem would there be if we didn’t have all of these rappers though?

In 2011, a dozen officers fired more than 100 shots at a car on a crowded South Beach street, killing the driver and wounding four bystanders.
The next year, a naked man chewed off parts of a homeless man’s face during a struggle alongside a highway linking Miami Beach and downtown Miami. The homeless man survived, after police shot his attacker dead.

Man having all of these rappers in our society is great! For years, those of you in Europe haven’t got to experience how awesome all of this vibrancy really is. Thankfully our best friend the Jews saw that you were suffering from a lack of vibrancy yourselves and decided to work tirelessly to help you import vibrancy of your own. Now we can all enjoy the non stop action and def beats of life with rappers. What would we do without them?



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